Gaming on STARLINK!!

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The next generation of satellite internet is here... but is it any good... and how does it work, exactly? But most importantly, can you pwn noobs from space with it?
Check out - access is opening up based on location!
A huge thank-you goes out to Ken Keiter for letting us use his footage - check out his video here:
Another thanks to for the orbital visualization, which you can check out here:
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Elon is gonna be remembered very fondly in the history books. He is outpacing all of trhese other billionaires who are constantly complaining about climate change like Gates and Bezos, but he is promoting real change rather than pushing anti-humanism like Gates and Bezos do. Funny how the so called progressive liberals hate him so much.

    The Jolly SlothThe Jolly Sloth4 分 前
  • Linus, any chance you could put the starlink dish up on a kill-o-watt meter to see how much amps/watts it uses in general use. I'm guessing it uses substantially more when moving the dish and 'heating it' to remove snow than it does during general sit and send/receive... or I'm hoping it does. Off grid solar here and 90w continuous would be 2kw a day just to run the internet.

    Digital AlchemyDigital Alchemy5 分 前
  • Hello Linus, starlink just because available in my area but the cost is 129$ per month along with a 650$ hardware fee. I live in Alberta and my best speed here is 10mbps down. How may I ask are you guys getting the service for 100$ a month? After the conversion my monthly bill would be around 170$

  • Here in the States the corruption has completely eliminated any sort of freemarket. Because of massive deregulation Corporations are allowed to essentially bribe local governments to being the only available provider in a given area. Elon musk does not do marketing. So your criticism of hyperbolic marketing falls flat. He makes no promises but lets the public know what his goals are and tries his damnedest to achieve those goals.If you think that’s hyperbolic marketing that I think you have a very nihilistic view of the world.

    EnlightenedSavageEnlightenedSavage39 分 前
  • better then the internet i have right now

  • For achieving this reusable rocket was needed or starlink project would be bankrupt before it's commercial launch

    Mahankali Vidya SagarMahankali Vidya Sagar時間 前
  • The roasted driver suggestively work because polyester nationally follow unto a fresh era. tasteless, wicked army

    Aurelio Tomas TurbaoAurelio Tomas Turbao2 時間 前
  • ADSL gives me around 40 ms response time on Speedtest. 30 up/ 3 down. I think I can handle a small bit of comment latency for the sake of increasing speeds AND response times in some cases.

    Jake VJake V2 時間 前
  • LTT: explaining how a ping of 27ms isn’t necessarily good - Me: looks at our Viasat unit and thinking of our 600-900ms latency. 😂

    James BodieJames Bodie2 時間 前
  • That's 100mbps more then the Wifi in my Room R.I.P.

    iAlex PlaysiAlex Plays2 時間 前
  • me playing with 100ms minimum ping and being completely fine with it..

    Sara MSara M3 時間 前
  • "Unrestricted, uncensored communication" This is going to be so freaking popular in China and other locked markets. People are probably smuggling them over the border at this very moment. It is just not possible to deny people something that they want. They will find a way.

    Ben DeVenyBen DeVeny3 時間 前
  • Nobody: When you ask your little cousin what his favorite game is: 1:43

    Alex RynkowskiAlex Rynkowski3 時間 前
  • Hahahahaha "you likely have a variety of speed and service options." Does Linus not know Comcast owns the United States?

    DesolatedDesolated4 時間 前
  • was anyone else getting bothered by linus' zipper rattling? XD

    FusionFusion4 時間 前
  • My internet just became ~20 times faster(200KB/s -> 2-8MB/s) like two weeks ago and this free solution is still MUCH faster than mine. Also it has gotten faster a few months ago like 3 or so times.(80KB/s->200KB/s) It's ~60 times and it's still so much slower than free starlink connection.

    ZeusZeus5 時間 前
  • Since yesterday, orders have finally been available in my country, Italy.

    Alessandro LincettoAlessandro Lincetto5 時間 前
  • you have absolutely no clue what you just put your name on, that's your only saving grace.

    Colton ConstantineColton Constantine6 時間 前
  • The only legit thing Musk did in his entire life. Hope it can sustain it's cost. By time it has a hard standing, since it will always be more expensive, and slowly but surely cable based connections will spread everywhere.

    Pierre R.Pierre R.6 時間 前
  • starlink in poland makes no sense :D I pay 12$ a month for no cap 600/600 MB/s internet..

    NoonViaNoonVia6 時間 前
  • I pay 60$ for 6MB in my small town in NC. im just a tiny bit outside city limits. Inside city limits we have morris with up to 200GB speed (we just got 3 weeks ago in our town). i really hope this will help us in the mountains :D anything would be a upgrade. the only thing available here is Morris for inside *town* and frontier for the outskirt ppl zz

    Toasty PoptartzToasty Poptartz6 時間 前
  • it's worth watching every video just for the sponsor transition

    enderwoomyenderwoomy6 時間 前
  • I ordered it the minute I saw this video. Can't wait to get it.

    CoopCoop7 時間 前
  • Elon Musk be like „Call me Daddy“

    shootingStarshootingStar7 時間 前
  • Me watching this at 1.2 Mbps

    Otto WarlordOtto Warlord7 時間 前
  • I get 50 ping on my wifi pc setup and I pay 120 dólars us so 27 is not bad

    Ramon DuarteRamon Duarte7 時間 前
  • We've got 100/100 fiber in North Central Montana and still 50 ms is a good day for gaming. That's what we get for being so far from any sort of major server.

    Welker FarmsWelker Farms8 時間 前
  • Anything other then Concast im down for although 500 is a bit pricey will it pay you back in 5 months?

    Sheena KoerntgenSheena Koerntgen10 時間 前
  • It's PRICEY!?!?! I pay $140 to Rogers each month for 150+ down 15 up

    DestiflyDestifly10 時間 前
  • Amazon internet? Fuck that. Those scumbags have no place hosting a fucking ISP. StarLink is the way to go.

    GeorgeBonanzaGeorgeBonanza11 時間 前
  • man, we play with 70 to 250 ms ping on landlines and thats ok. So 27 ms ping is more then just ok.

    Cyrill KovtunCyrill Kovtun11 時間 前
  • i am sadly part of that small % of people who get 5mbps and way less. wifi dose get extremely expensive and most internet company refuse to set up a router because of where we live

    flux boyflux boy12 時間 前
  • Why does linus look stoned out of his mind this whole video?

    J BlobJ Blob14 時間 前
  • As a truck driver, this is exciting stuff.

    sportscardudesportscardude14 時間 前
  • My grandpa who has been used to 2 mbps just got it and he is so exited! he was getting about 100mbps with starlink

    Mike DMike D14 時間 前
  • If I buy starlink will I be able to get wifi everywhere I go ?

    Lil SproutLil Sprout15 時間 前
  • 100 ping csgo from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 Line megaline

    vitek860vitek86015 時間 前
  • So you can't use the POE of your ubiquity router?

    Jessie JamesJessie James16 時間 前
  • with this startlink, preorder, do you have to shell out a shit ton of money right fromt he start to get the equipment and service. if so what the total over all cost ? not the per month ...

    Randal DavisRandal Davis16 時間 前
  • For those, who live just less than km outside of town =P

    Knife-WrenchKnife-Wrench16 時間 前
  • You will not notice 27ms ping on thumbnails. This is not an accurate figure. In order to notice it has to be at least double and triple that. Speedtest in general is crappy responsivity test. It's "speed test" after all not "ping test". Also ping is very poor indicator of responsivity of modern systems. ICMP is usually on the entry point/LB of the hosting service so it is not representative of actual web page speed. Use the Chrome dev tools performance tab(or equivalent) to check actual web page speeds.

    nikoladdnikoladd16 時間 前
  • No one ever talks about the potentially catastrophic scenario where space debris and discarded space junk from thousands of little satellites (that cannot be removed) encompass the earths outer atmosphere and prevent us from ever leaving the planet again. This was already an blossoming issue before this, but now with competing companies launching as many satellites as they can in the sky I just feel that this is another case of humanities short term thinking. Edit: Linus talked about it lol

    Colo712Colo71216 時間 前
  • Can you stream and upload youtube videos fast with this internet? they need to figure out how they can increase the upload, even more, it would be much worth it and reduce the actual price of that internet, I would love to get it here in Morocco. But it would be more worth it if it cost around $50 instead of $100

    WorisonTVWorisonTV17 時間 前
  • I have 6mb internet over the last 2 years after finally being able to upgrade from 3mb. I ordered this box as soon as I could. Can. Not. Wait.

    CluelessClueless17 時間 前
  • If you don't live in a metroplex, you pay $100 or more for anywhere between 3 - 15 mbits. So, anybody about 25 miles from a city, is using junky Internet, or trying to use Satellite. I've paid this or more for the past 25 years!!! and I owned an ISP in a small town back in the dial-up days. (it was $25 a month) Even now, most people don't have any Internet in the country - except for the cell phone. YOU MAY HAVE TO BE STANDING AT A WINDOW!! OR O-U-T-S-I-D-E !!! Seriously!! I live 60 miles from Dallas, wireless ISP is my only option besides satellite. I pay $125 a month for 25Mbit - most of my neighbors have 3-6Mbit and pay $70 a month. That is the norm.

    James RichJames Rich17 時間 前
  • Can that starlink help you not stare at your que cards like a deer? maybe make you look less lizard like and more human like?

    EdwardEdward18 時間 前
  • holy shit, you mean to tell me i can go from 144p videos with loading every 10 seconds to 4K with no loading? i need this damn thing

    MangoMango18 時間 前
  • السرعة بالمملكة العربية السعودية تصل إلى 300 ميغا بايت

    dab kingdab king18 時間 前
  • Watched the whole video and unless I missed it, not one actual test of rated speeds and latency... just opening web pages and JPworlds, and a subjective "wow, that was pretty good!" At least go to guys, jesus

    sauercrowdersauercrowder18 時間 前
  • I think starlink would be huge for Australia right?

    Antonio GiovannaAntonio Giovanna18 時間 前
  • Your title misleading mister dude with first name for a last name....

    Sebastian JuslinSebastian Juslin19 時間 前
  • Think of some Afghan kids in the middle of nowhere who want to become astronauts... they have the INTERNET available to them! Anything in the world, available by anyone anywhere... Think of the future scientists, poets, artists, history-changing figures that will be able to flourish because of this!

    NspinicelliNspinicelli19 時間 前
  • Still wrap my head around why the fuck linus has a clothing store

    jo sepjo sep20 時間 前
  • imhappy with my current internet as it's much quicker than the starlink one and i dont want a million satellites orbiting the earth, but i can see this being useful in remote places

    oof ledoofoof ledoof20 時間 前
  • All I know is that eventually Linus Tech Tips will probably come back to it once Elon Musk doubles the speeds and reduces the ping times.

    MrPcGameNerdMrPcGameNerd20 時間 前
  • Lol, I think he missed the point about living "off the grid."

    DanielDaniel20 時間 前
  • How many mbs do u get with this?

    Christopher SmithChristopher Smith21 時間 前
  • I remember when it was only half the satellites and still 1gb service... real world that means 50-150mb? TBD cap... yea let’s just hope this isn’t another google fiber

    Phantom KillerPhantom Killer21 時間 前
  • can we use starlink on airplane?

    StevenSteven21 時間 前
  • I'm here just being glad that I'm below 200

    RainyRainy21 時間 前
  • I expected that first page to be NCIX.

    FreyarHFreyarH22 時間 前
  • I would coom if somebody got me one.

    tob ffutsmodnartob ffutsmodnar23 時間 前
  • No, sorry. Joe Biden has grounded Starlink and all of Elon Musk's space related projects.

    tob ffutsmodnartob ffutsmodnar23 時間 前
  • i thought internet was already satellite based? what's the difference from what we use now? im aware of underground cables ground stations and fiber optic but isnt all of that communicating with satellites?

    GrymzGrymz23 時間 前
  • The other thing is that the more people get connected, the more interference we are going to experience. Thus much slower speeds

    Bokang SepinareBokang Sepinare日 前
  • Will your connection speed not get affected by weather especially during winter?

    Bokang SepinareBokang Sepinare日 前
  • BT in the uk have screwed me over with upgrading 8 of my neighbours to gigabit but not my house or the other neighbours and quoted 8000 pounds to get it installed as our internet was good enough but funny enough it’s 15mbps and they said they only upgrade people that have below 30mbps I pay for 30 but never get it so when I checked my email today and saw star link come up and say you can preorder I just instantly went and bought it I don’t care if I have to wait six months as BT are gonna take years to upgrade me

    Ben WiddopBen Widdop日 前
  • me living with 100Kbs of down and 2Mbs up. this starlink will be agood investment, Honestly.

    Karl Anthony CabralKarl Anthony Cabral日 前
  • "Ah, come on!"

    Regi ConRegi Con日 前
  • Now I can finally build that cabin in the woods

    No Face KillahNo Face Killah日 前
  • My satellite is running in the kbps range so yea.

    Blake BrewerBlake Brewer日 前
  • brooo. I'm so getting this. currently, i have a max of 10 mb/s up and 2.5 mb/s down. with latency around 100, all this for 175/mo. Starlink is not only gonna save me money, but also give me better internet speeds and latency. daddy elon, ty

    OpZsilva44OpZsilva44日 前
  • Will they come install it or will I have to hire someone? And does it need to be on the roof? I live in apartments.

    Rich MurdochRich Murdoch日 前
  • Watching this video at 1.2Mbps. I wish they could make this the same price as I am currently paying. $99 per month is not bad....if you live in the states. I have to multiply that $99 with 14.57 then add 15% tax on the final price. Maybe in the future far far from now.

    Johan LastJohan Last日 前
  • My God we have a lot of objects surrounding the earth. Elon is almost everyday launching another satellite. Actually each rocket has more then one satellite on board.

    Rich MurdochRich Murdoch日 前
  • Me 2⁰0000900000990999 ping

    Midnight MysteryMidnight Mystery日 前
  • Right Linus... you are an mp3 pirate. Naughty naughty

    The Great Awakening 2The Great Awakening 2日 前
  • I don't have another option for internet. Live out on a ranch and I've got my preorder in for this! Hoping it gets here pretty soon.

    Mathers HaleMathers Hale日 前
  • i honestly thought that was the mars rover shield thingy

    NicktastelessNicktasteless日 前
  • I just wanna run a space traceroute and see what sat's are linked to what. Man this is gonna open up a can of worms for hackers.

    Ry ShellsoRy Shellso日 前
  • Y U HEFF

    Simon WoodSimon Wood日 前
  • Sometines linus makes me feel that my pc and my internet in this case are completely trash

    Lorenzo LuppiLorenzo Luppi日 前
  • Hearing Linus say that compared to broadband internet 128Mbps is bad hurts since I'm in broadband capped at 30Mbps (at best) while paying for ~200Mbps. Sucks to live in an area with outdated broadband lines

    The Chosen Juan LopezThe Chosen Juan Lopez日 前
  • The real promise of Starlink is Global FPS Gaming! 100ms international ping - that is US to Australia. Current best is 350ms.

    Coenraad LoubserCoenraad Loubser日 前
  • thumbnail thought he was stretching an oversized underwear LOL

    moe azizmoe aziz日 前
  • Ok my Danish ISP doesn't have to be worried about Starlink, Ping 14, 339 Mbits down / 28 Mbits up, free bandwidth. 50 $/month

    B NielsenB Nielsen日 前
  • Now our Earth can finally get a ring as Saturn

    Ahmed ShalabyAhmed Shalaby日 前
  • Ok unless I'm mad I have 150mbps megabits not bytes and can't do even 1 4k video without issues

    AlumlovescakeAlumlovescake日 前
  • Hmm.. 12 Mbps in my country for about $40/month, 150GB FUP cap, 3 digit ping. $100? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    J.D.J.D.日 前
  • I’m getting 16 mb per second in the woods so this wood be amazing:)

    Felipe BoroviecFelipe Boroviec日 前
  • Is no one gonna point out that Starlink and their very few competitors are just going to be another oligopoly? What do you think will happen once Elon leaves? Starlink won't fix the systemic problem underneath. It may help for a while, but may ultimately make it worse.

    AFM59AFM59日 前
  • I am will have Starlink in 6 months can’t wait to not have shit internet any more

  • 27 ping. in australia is lowest 60

    NoN ApplicableNoN Applicable日 前
  • I pay $120/m for satellite internet and I'm lucky if I can download a 30GB game in a week because it's so unreliable. It's the only provider I can get in my area. So I'm excited if this can give me better and more reliable speeds at launch.

    Allan BlairAllan Blair日 前
  • I wonder if you could hook this up to a vehicle and have a remote base station while driving around. This could be crazy.

    Anfecs IanAnfecs Ian日 前
  • What website is that at 1:38? The coverage maps I'm finding are not showing the whole picture. The fcc one doesn't show that WoW covers my area.

    dannydaw59dannydaw59日 前
  • Was about to cave just to have a dedicated connection just slow af for my consoles, I'll fucking wait for this shit to come out to the consumer I use my phone purely for everything data and this shit would be a game changer for life. No more shit boonies internet.

    The hash slinging slasher.The hash slinging slasher.日 前
  • Think about it... launching 10s of thousands of satellites into space is more practical than dealing with shitty ISPs and their stranglehold on governments.

    GrayBlood1331GrayBlood1331日 前
  • My dad is one of the starlink beta testers and we have not got our router yet, but I usually get 15-30 MB’s of download speed. Apparently this will triple/quadruple it.

    ExeciouzExeciouz日 前
  • 15:24 go here to skip all that explanation and just see the gameplay of the game with low ping.

    MrMariobros222MrMariobros222日 前