I REALLY Love Building Computers!!

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  • Actually winnipeg is sometimes -40

    BrennanBrennan25 分 前
  • This camera keep moving. So annoying.

    Harold ハロルド ཧེ་རོལཌ། AHarold ハロルド ཧེ་རོལཌ། A52 分 前
  • We want to see Madison in more videos

    Kevin GarzonKevin Garzon時間 前
  • Linus greasy hair tips

    Jason HinrichsJason Hinrichs時間 前
  • i just want my gpus to go back to normal

    L.B. SoftyL.B. Softy2 時間 前
  • Linus fired people now there homeless

    Th3DESTROYER 777Th3DESTROYER 7775 時間 前
  • unique voice you say.....

    TheDjoli4TheDjoli46 時間 前
  • well i tried to look at the live chat but it was way too quick

    Kayla MitchellKayla Mitchell11 時間 前
  • 1:50:39

    Dennis RigdonDennis Rigdon12 時間 前
  • Dies Linus have aids?

    LordXenuSavesLordXenuSaves13 時間 前
  • Every other video now just an AMD sales pitch

    Tom DTom D13 時間 前
  • " jpworlds.info/club/PLF8Jdu5mqpLmxMmB1yoFzvCupd-sfc2wo.html minutes. "

    Dean qQqQqQDean qQqQqQ14 時間 前
  • Man the Canadian government really sounds messed up. I would hate to be a business owner there.

    fakecubedfakecubed15 時間 前
  • But can he do it with ONLY one foot. No hands and no dominant foot.

    traxxas76traxxas7615 時間 前
  • TFW you've been in -30 F in America, which is colder than -30 C up in Canada.

    fakecubedfakecubed16 時間 前
  • Love that quick Interstellar reference.

    reav3rtmreav3rtm16 時間 前
  • Everyone: "...against..." Linus: "...aGAINST..."

    butterandjamtoastbutterandjamtoast17 時間 前
  • me: watchs ltt vid ad: helo i have ltt in me me: B R U H nice touch

    Noah GreenNoah Green18 時間 前
  • sound is shyt

    RunawayWheelRunawayWheel18 時間 前
  • Madison OP

    ChicharronesChicharrones19 時間 前
  • I wish all the pcs they don't keep they would sell

    fan basefan base22 時間 前
  • i just realised that one of linus' eyebrows is slightly longer than the other

    Ian LamIan Lam日 前
  • i just found out the PC build world record is about 4 minutes

    Starknight5506Starknight5506日 前
  • I need to build a budget pc but I can’t find ram cheap enough

    mello hellomello hello日 前
    • @cruising thanks man

      mello hellomello hello2 分 前
    • try going with crucial gaming ram and do NOT buy 8 gigs memory/ram because if you have games with gta 4 then it will take all of it up. I would buy a crucial gaming 16 gb memory sticks (two 8 gig sticks)

      cruisingcruising4 分 前
  • I challenge you to build the computer one handed with your finger on your nose

    mello hellomello hello日 前
  • Where's Madison's comment??

    Ankit MeherAnkit Meher日 前
  • Winnipeg. Yeah, I've heard that Venetian Snares album. Even I know not to move to Winnipeg and I live on the other side of the planet.

    iLEZtubeiLEZtube日 前
  • *insert funny joke about the verge*

    asklaaasklaa日 前
  • Yes

    Sanders EsparzaSanders Esparza日 前
  • too quiet

    blab blobblab blob日 前
  • Well, at least you don't have to spend extra on a CPU cooler in Winnipeg.

    BG DaveBG Dave日 前
  • Linus Bondage Tips

    Andrew HallAndrew Hall日 前
  • kudos to the cameraman that stayed for 3 hours with a heavy rig.. or maybe there's switching happening during transitions but still 30 mins is tiring enough

    ZyperZyper日 前
  • Do a build with the 1650

    Alex M.Alex M.日 前
  • At this point...Linus dropping anything is not a meme, it's a given attribute as Sun rising in the morning.

    Lifted SevenLifted Seven日 前
  • 1:43:41 Gotta show this picture to someone who is not familiar with technics and tell them that this is the most wanted hacker of the world: "Masked Vengeance"

    BaumiBaumi日 前
  • Send me build and I'll put it togethe #hireme #idkaboutcanadatho

    Cesar FernandezCesar Fernandez日 前
  • You know if Linus adds more plaid into his wardrobe with some duck tape visibly handy he could be a young Red Green (v2.0) but for electronics and computers.

    XevrinXevrin日 前
  • FYI, there's very little difference in C and F at -30 since at -40 is the point they are equal. when you're that low you're just fucking cold in both. -30C is -22F and the feel on your skin at that point is negligible. I'm northern ND, we celebrate when we hit -40 because it's unitless lol.

    Tony MorrisTony Morris日 前
  • Where can I find the AM4 socket CPU holder on thingiverse?

    Aidan HartleyAidan Hartley日 前
  • Is it so cold in Canada you always wear a cap?

    TomTom日 前
  • Drops a fucking thread ripper...

    skullblesserskullblesser日 前
  • Correction ... Building ME a pc ;)

    KiloKilo日 前
  • also it takes alot of thermal paste for those thread rippers right?

  • i chalenge you to build a working pc without a cpu jk

  • You love building i love watching

    welcomehome777welcomehome777日 前
  • 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

    mr norozymr norozy2 日 前
  • 'im gonna do it in 30' 'wait how much did i say' '30?' 'no that doesnt sound like something id say, pretty sure i said 40'

    SouzaSouza2 日 前
  • Nice beard linus

    Mark AusburgMark Ausburg2 日 前
  • Video idea: How to build a PC Without Dropping the Hardware.

    GTTOfficialGTTOfficial2 日 前
  • Mr Harry Potter is constantly going on about building computers he is just not good mr Harry Potter thanks can you superior to all the rest of us Mr Harry Potter The host I think has. A House health called creature would be disappointed and has master Creature with the same masters no good Harry Potter creature go back back to the Malfoy’s

    Stephen LordStephen Lord2 日 前
  • @linus.. i dont even have a graphic card on my laptop, can you help me? portable card?

    andre prefontaineandre prefontaine2 日 前
  • Did he even realise that he didn't put thermal paste before installing the cooler.

    Akash GhoshAkash Ghosh2 日 前
  • I love how Yvonne just doesn't care about the stream and is just like, "Yeah ok, what do you want for dinner? I don't have time for this shit."

    David PowersDavid Powers2 日 前
  • Papa linus!

    Chris AxellChris Axell2 日 前
  • same

    IAmWeathermanIAmWeatherman2 日 前
  • Linus should do a pc giveaway. Like if you agree.

    TickerbeTickerbe2 日 前
  • -30 F is colder than -30 C

    David PowersDavid Powers2 日 前
  • 2000 Dollars spent on just the Mainboard and CPU for each of the Workstations, and yet you go with Leopard-print-panty style Facemasks. I weirdly respect that.

    Timo KampwerthTimo Kampwerth2 日 前
  • -40C = -40F

    C L BlackmanC L Blackman2 日 前
  • Linus looks legit really good with the beard. I hope he keeps it, though of course it's his choice.

    William LewellenWilliam Lewellen2 日 前
  • 2:55 I live in Winnipeg and it is extremely cold. Also this city and province is boring af.

    A very general name cause I can't come up with oneA very general name cause I can't come up with one2 日 前
  • Hey, welcome to Quebec, it's -40c here. Please hire me.

    Guillaume Landry-VoyerGuillaume Landry-Voyer2 日 前
  • when u gonna make the linus sex tips channel?

    bitchface mcgeebitchface mcgee2 日 前
  • Chase looks like a zoomer Linus....

    AnimaxtorAnimaxtor2 日 前
  • 26:10 Linus you need to add more thermal paste here, the typical X and dots usually works on most CPU's, however on a Threadripper CPU it is a different scenario, having built plenty of Threadripper PC's, being generous with the thermal compound is actually more beneficial! Being a large surface area and a very hot CPU, we've actually dropped temperatures nearly 10c just by trying the right thermal compound application. There are loads of videos too that test different applications, being generous and covering the entire surface is best for optimal results! 👍

    Denu 187Denu 1872 日 前
  • That screwdriver thud when Linus shows off that he worked himself out of the bondage situation.

    clu83clu832 日 前
  • Make an immersive cooling build !!!!! 😎😎

    Alejandro MachadoAlejandro Machado2 日 前
  • Yeah game reveal events are pretty annoying for interaction, it's more fun to watch it live and chat separately with your close friends, the live chats are pretty rude and negative overall and way too much spamming

    LysanneLysanne2 日 前
  • Not even 20 seconds into the video and the threadripper just died-

    Everything is x1.5 - x2 fastEverything is x1.5 - x2 fast2 日 前
  • imagine not being able to skip the sponsor block

    Mohammed TazwarMohammed Tazwar2 日 前
  • The lga1151 retention sucks too

    Young Philly P.Young Philly P.2 日 前
  • Cool !

    gamefluxgameflux2 日 前
  • Sir can you send me New complete computer I am yours biggest fannnnnnn i love this page more and more with my soul sir give me a good surprise

    onlyur munironlyur munir2 日 前
  • Can I get a gpu from you I’ll pay lol

    Zachary HellenbergZachary Hellenberg2 日 前
  • He wear zara hat "oversized knit hat". I have the same.

    sshd vacsshd vac3 日 前
  • The blinfolded denis building with instructions were pretty fun

    Marceau HMarceau H3 日 前
  • Good idea that watercooling build off , but for more of a challenge do it without breathing

    Darran ThomasDarran Thomas3 日 前
  • 3090s for mining, that was really funny 😊

    Daniel BeccarDaniel Beccar3 日 前
    • I would like to read written articles, sometimes I do not have the bandwidth to watch all the videos, an a text I can read it blazing fast.

      Daniel BeccarDaniel Beccar3 日 前
  • I know Linus loves server grade stuff and I know that they have done the whole one cpu, multiple users, but it would be cool if they could do a new version with a 64 core and two or three new quadros. I would love to see this. New video idea? Nvidia? AMD? YOLO

    ragegeekragegeek3 日 前
  • Linus... Premiere as bugs???? Never noticed.... Now say that phrase again but without smirking...

    João MoleanoJoão Moleano3 日 前
  • At

    Gabrial HernandezGabrial Hernandez3 日 前
  • I challenge you to please gift one too me 😂 having a hard time building one....

    Bryce DavisBryce Davis3 日 前
  • What's the name of the technique to film while zooming in and zooming out all time and shaking/moving the Camara around all the time? I can see that technique used on movies and series a lot.

    Fernando BordaFernando Borda3 日 前
  • I have always LOVED building computers too :) A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my motherboad, CPU and RAM.

    Laura TechLaura Tech3 日 前
  • m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=866327480866105&id=100024665839993

    KamiltonKamilton3 日 前
  • Honestly if linus didn't talk and tell his stories and stuff I probably would not have even started to have an interest in tech space been watching for about 5 years now and didn't not have even the slightest interest in techbuntil I found linus and ltt

    Ginger SamuraiGinger Samurai3 日 前
  • 59:40 '50-Shades of Linus' XP 59:55 Zoomers just don't get Boomer jokes haha Don't mention jumping off the roof, Linus XD

    DrakenARTZsteamDrakenARTZsteam3 日 前
  • 1:02:00 linus actually has pretty good triceps long head development

    yazad pardiwalayazad pardiwala3 日 前
  • I really like building computers too. I really wish I could do it in real life and not in a $20 game I bought off Steam.

    RyksterRykster3 日 前
  • I Dare you to Gaming PC build Speedrun.

    jiffyy-yjiffyy-y3 日 前
  • you know what also keeps your wallet bulged down? nothing. just put your card in your pants and you have no bulge what so ever. its literally that simple

    Metal VideosMetal Videos3 日 前
  • LTT: beating the algo with a 3hr vid...

    My real name is I AMMy real name is I AM3 日 前
  • water cooling is just cool no other reason to have water cooling

    AZiz TamzaliAZiz Tamzali3 日 前
  • 2:40:32 the tumblr thing is inaccurate, it was after they were bought by verizon yahoo was fine with the lewds

    screamingscreaming3 日 前
  • oooo shit Linus must build black case so they dont say he is rasist:)))))

    77leny77leny3 日 前
  • Who do I stab to get an RTX 30?

    Brainy BeaverBrainy Beaver3 日 前
  • Tumblr still has all the lewds

    Dan HDan H3 日 前
  • -30?? more like -45

    Panshul GhaiPanshul Ghai3 日 前
  • Any reason for choosing Intel Optane 905p (PCI 3.0) when the Motherboard supports PCI4.0? Would also love to hear more on the varios M2. form factors M2.22110 vs M2.2280

    Ananthapadmanabhan SubramaniAnanthapadmanabhan Subramani3 日 前