Linus was right.

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It’s possible to use ECC server RAM inside of your regular desktop computer at home, but is it something you SHOULD do?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Thing is I have been using non ECC in my PC's for many years, all the desktop PC's in every facility I have ever worked use non ECC memory, and in all that time has there never been an issue caused by memory errors. I work in PC support and I have never once seen a ticket were the issue was down to memory errors, to put that in perspective I work in a local authority and we support 15,000 users.

    diecast jamdiecast jam11 分 前

    PajukkaPajukka時間 前
  • "the upmost in stability" haha

    DK CDK C3 時間 前
  • I paid close attention to what you said. I still have no clue what any of it means. I'm going back to my two soup cans, tied together with some twine. And my 8-tracks... :-)

    Whicker FriesianWhicker Friesian4 時間 前
  • This talk of hamming code and bit flips reminds me of college, and I don't like it. Intel was right to block this from us.

    M NM N9 時間 前
  • That reflectiom on the GPU though 😂

    Hariharaa N SHariharaa N S9 時間 前
  • "but what is a bitflip?" it's Lyle's youtube channel

    Chris KnayzehChris Knayzeh10 時間 前
  • His Dad

    TurtleTurtle13 時間 前
  • Could this keep star citizen from crashing ?

    Kamidake83Kamidake8314 時間 前
  • 2:42 - the Universe is Amazing

    Vox PiraticaVox Piratica14 時間 前
  • Both intel and AMD gain substantial framerate increase by using faster modules. Polish PurePC has proven than numerous time. Overclocking memory is worth it, but will take time. Will it crash? - it will just like badly overclocked CPU. You don't just press button and OC is done. Nah, overclocking is like software development. You need to test it before you consider it stable. Voltage, Frequency, Timings, Dual/Single Rank, Motherboard support. It's the same rule that applies to F1 racing results - you are trying to max out your performance, but you have to take into account the fact it takes time to get reliable results.

    Piotr BukowskiPiotr Bukowski15 時間 前
  • *me laughing in AMD graphics hardware*

    Fart MaggotFart Maggot16 時間 前
  • We just got a spare server in our warehouse that has 2 x 64GB sticks of ECC, damn shame I have an Intel mobo or them badboys would be coming home with me.

    Sentinel DJSentinel DJ16 時間 前
  • Subtitles: Parody code. LOL.

    Gavin MorrisGavin Morris17 時間 前
  • 5:38 AHHAHAHA

  • "DROP THX Panda Wireless" yeah, not signing up for a free membership, just to see your stuff, laters

    Patrick FergusonPatrick Ferguson18 時間 前
  • I love how in the background you can see RGB memory gloriously lighting up a noctua air cooler

    Spencer LinkousSpencer Linkous18 時間 前
  • Yanking features and putting them back for an added cost is also what Microsoft does, or at least used to do, with Windows, like when they offered several tiers of Windows Vista or home and professional versions of Windows XP and 7. I guess they have done away with this now in Windows 10, opting to go more the Apple route at last. Will Intel ever learn? If not, will AMD at least beat them into submission for us?

    Eric WoodEric Wood21 時間 前
  • what has this ecc thing got to do with torvalds or nvidia?

    moonlite xmoonlite x日 前
  • The careful pvc exemplarily dance because science arguably moor aside a obsequious hate. free, grouchy bangladesh

    tae ohtae oh日 前
  • Informative as always, but no like because clickbait is not cool.

    MaxMax日 前
  • "Bit flip" should be used for techlinkef as one of linus's quick bits! Just saying 😅

    Vlad LadchukVlad Ladchuk日 前
  • What's the stability boost though

    Some WeebSome Weeb日 前
  • Please cut out the 'humor'.

    M F SM F S日 前
  • 6:16 someone whisper dubbed over Linus?

    Mark KerlerouxMark Kerleroux日 前
  • In Linux world error less ram is essential because the way Linux run the errors in ram or memory is detremental for our performance. Linux uses more ram as available than Windows and it can load much of the or compete operating system to the ram than Windows

    Uditha BandaraUditha Bandara日 前
  • Thanks AMD and both the Linus'es, my next machine definitely be an AMD and never a Intel. This will be my first AMD.

    Uditha BandaraUditha Bandara日 前
  • "utmost in stability"

    progamer yeet yeetprogamer yeet yeet日 前
  • this sadly is not news many of us in IT for yrs knew this but again not a damn things could do because most ppl dont listen and inhell continues to try to fuck over the consumers every chance they get same as nvidia and others i can mention and while i and others do not like everything amd does some things have zero excuse (no w7 support for new apus for example it would be absurdly easy to do)in the big pic AM has consistently helped make it better for themselves and for the end user as well.. vs being like the others where is all that matters

    Kindanyume .KindanyumeKindanyume .Kindanyume日 前
  • lol at the lame "election changed" due to cosmic rays BS... this is the kind of drivel you would see on Wired these days.

    Snoop STPSnoop STP日 前
  • Some things in life are guaranteed, death, taxes and Linus is usually right.

    sensible driversensible driver日 前
  • It feels like glass wire is LINUS every single video sponsor

  • the automatic subtitles read "parody data" instead of parity data

    Marcel89Marcel89日 前
  • Thank God for the CSGO stats

    Preston OmalekiPreston Omaleki日 前
  • Also don't forget that Intel puts way too much effort into floating point processing so that they can look good on benchmarks that the public doesn't understand, but meanwhile it barely improves real-life performance.

    Kaleb BruwerKaleb Bruwer日 前
  • "Linus was right" - Linus

    MöngolonMöngolon2 日 前
  • 7:16 And that's why we have stability testing routines.

    Spiritueller Wendehals 67Spiritueller Wendehals 672 日 前
  • This thumbnail is suitable more for the NVIDA CMP ANNOUNCEMENT video

    RiexRickRiexRick2 日 前
  • ok now have make get the most current version of any for pc build then

    Khristian GillespieKhristian Gillespie2 日 前
  • When he said Facebook I was like what the fuc

    XdeadlyxphantomXdeadlyxphantom2 日 前
  • That's why I'll kick out intel ASAP... I'm fu**ing tired of those crashes... Going mad about understanding WTF everytime....

    Robert PlajhnikRobert Plajhnik2 日 前
  • Linus: "linnes torvalds" Me: 😐

    Harley SpeedthrustHarley Speedthrust2 日 前
  • Elliptic-Curve Cryptography RAM 🤣🤣🤣

    GeeK BatmanGeeK Batman3 日 前
  • Idiotic as always. ECC does not matter for home users.

    mercstermercster3 日 前
  • YT unsubbed me for some reason... Been following you for years not sure why they still do this...

    KetaKeta3 日 前
  • When the error correction method is literally dedsec

    ツarchessmnツarchessmn3 日 前
  • Hahahahaha

    szewei1985szewei19853 日 前
  • Linus acting like AMD also doesn’t have unlocked and locked versions of their processors as well

    Actinium AnarchyActinium Anarchy3 日 前
  • *(is named linus)* *(mispronounces the name linus)*

    Christian ChanChristian Chan3 日 前
  • if this was about intel, why is there an article about nvidia in the opening shot? you guys must really hate them.

    Christian ChanChristian Chan3 日 前
  • I thunk that ECC was error checking correcting

    Caleb CooperCaleb Cooper3 日 前
  • Linus Quit putting your fucking irritating sponsors inside your video's we had it !

    Dinesh HexDinesh Hex3 日 前
  • Hamming parity , my dad always cracks me up with that, sounds like a monty python sketch. lol

    bigbuttmcgrawbigbuttmcgraw3 日 前
  • you make some good points. But i already bought my memory, damn.

    bigbuttmcgrawbigbuttmcgraw3 日 前
  • Using Arch Linux + AMD 5900X CPU + AMD RX6800 GPU = Gaming Utopia.

    TerminalVelocityTerminalVelocity3 日 前
  • UDIMMs RDIMMs and RIDDIMS for when the jungle beats drop.

    LudakrissLudakriss3 日 前
    • amazing

      polyblank96polyblank96日 前
  • #LINUStradamus

    James AppersonJames Apperson3 日 前
  • Talking about Benchmarks of ECC is kindof a joke even tho they are VERY impressive... if speed was the only concern you should just always run you applications at ring 0 and right on the hardware. There would be no system level error checking or exception handling which would make the system much "faster" - but would crash constantly. https was the same way - diffie-helman requires extra CPU cycles to compute keys but you still browse to https pages and you notice very little hit on performance. developers were afraid to implement it because "it would make the web slower" (it certainly has nothing to do with loading 6MB of JavaScript libraries for your homepage right?). Point is - security and stability is not were you should be looking for cutting-corner optimizations. Using less resource hungry software and holding lazy developers feet to the fire is how to speed things up overall. A lot of software is really just implemented in ways the developers themselves don't understand.

    madd_stepmadd_step3 日 前
  • ECC ram is only about 10% more than non-ECC (even buffered/registered ECC). The real cost difference has been in the motherboards for the last 15 years

  • Linus: avrage gamer - shows a 3080 Me: surprised Pikachu face

    MilkMan FPVMilkMan FPV3 日 前
    • When linus is sus!

      Maulana AliMaulana Ali日 前
  • Linus has again confirmed what I already thought.

    N0F4 KEN0F4 KE3 日 前
  • both Linuses should somehow make video-episode together

    Alek BAlek B4 日 前
  • wait its pronounced Linus ? I've always pronounced it with a I instead of i . now idea why lol

    Joshua BrownJoshua Brown4 日 前
  • Early PCs had parity checked memory. Though if they detected an error they gave a message "Parity check. System halted". Sometime after the mid 90s the parity checking was abandoned.

    Okaro XOkaro X4 日 前
  • clickbait title. thumbs down

    Erick LestrangeErick Lestrange4 日 前
  • I am waiting for the "speaking of speaking.." segue : ))

    Durand VictorDurand Victor4 日 前
  • ECC is great for added stability, and that is the only reason to consider it (otherwise just use quality parts and adequate cooling). In a previous job working an IT helpdesk I had a workstation that supported ECC (and had RAID1/mirrored boot drives). It had a bad ram module in it and ECC kept the machine working at full capacity until we could order in a replacement module. No down time, no instability. On a related note, ECC only imparts a small performance penalty (about 2%), which almost no one would notice in reality working on a spreadsheet (really, only a synthetic benchmark will show it). In a gaming scenario I guess you could have slightly better stability when things heat up, or maybe avoid some texture corruption. And Linus Torvalds was correct, Intel is really bad at artificially locking out cpu features for no reason other than to squeeze customers for money (shocking move from the biggest gorilla right?).

    Steve DixonSteve Dixon4 日 前
  • me not understanding he is saying, oh hey look he's wearing a beanie

    SniperSniper4 日 前
  • Linus you really flipped my bit on this one ! I see said the blind man - all these years and it took some one flipping you off for you to explain it properly :) -- um what else do i need to know lets see ummm -- how do i flip you off on a post? thanks dude

    Gregg CooperGregg Cooper4 日 前
  • 5:35 x)

    Ellipsis115Ellipsis1155 日 前
  • Intel selling CPUs: "Fuck these guys. Their *consumer grade* 1000$ CPUs don't get ECC." AMD selling anything: "Fuck these guys. We are not going to write a product specification page that contains enough information to make a good decision."

    MrDarkbluewaterMrDarkbluewater5 日 前
  • Uhh... it was NVidia to whom Linus Torvalds gave the finger, not Intel

    Donald DadeDonald Dade5 日 前
  • Would 1 ECC stick in each Channel work? Or ECC in One channel and non-ECC in other channel?

    VahlstenVahlsten5 日 前
  • Eh, i just use a literal server to game on

    lbochtlerlbochtler5 日 前
  • AMD: ECC is sane and practical, here you go. Intel: gib munee plz

    Sudo BeermeSudo Beerme5 日 前
    • Business is god. After we're all gone, the economy will carry our memory on; for a price.

      Squange FlagionSquange Flagion3 分 前
    • Yes, business is about making money.

      Pham NuwenPham Nuwen2 時間 前
  • When are you going to have THE Linus on the show?

    Umberto AmanteUmberto Amante5 日 前
  • Ahhh AMD, I remember the first rig I put together over 20 years ago; it helped me get banned from many Medal of Honor Allied Assult servers because they assumed I was cheating with all those 60 plus kill games. My monitor was a Dawoo 26" TV for heaven's sake, but we made it happen; thanks AMD!!!

    Hector G.Hector G.5 日 前
  • I was down with Amd since before Amd was down with me. Ryzen brings the pain. ..who remembers Cyrix...eww cyrix

    Mike WalkerMike Walker5 日 前
  • Yeah i was wondering about this too. As most of engineering and development is done on normal laptops. And even if really good programms check their results it would not hurt to keep memory and computation errors out of the equation.

    ManuelManuel5 日 前
  • Linus made Linux. He's always right.

    SlavkoSlavko5 日 前
  • Compression killed your music at 5:30-6:00 ish, turned it into just a quiet high-pitched tone under the video. Very painful to listen to >.

    LeakingAmpsLeakingAmps5 日 前
  • The Linus's gang up on Intel :-)

    foxpupfoxpup6 日 前
  • Not to defend Intel, but Linus is wrong this time. We gamers/normal PC users DON'T need ECC. I've been using PCs since 1997, and it has become rarer and rarer over the years to get a random bluescreen caused by a memory error! So rare, that in the past 10-11 years (since 2010), I haven't had any bluescreen crashes caused by a memory error. And no, playing games and watching videos are not such "mission critical" activities, that they can't tolerate a random bluescreen once in a bluemoon! (again, NONE in over 10 years, and on the cheapest Intel based hardware no less!)

    higado2higado26 日 前
  • mining

    Bad MaxBad Max6 日 前
  • Linuses rule. 😎️

    Rui CraveiroRui Craveiro6 日 前
  • Intel is still better for gaming as for Benchmarks at least amd cpu for streaming and editing

    FeynexFeynex7 日 前
  • Well done and well said Linus... call them out as it is

    Fonzi LafonzFonzi Lafonz7 日 前
  • Save game better than spend extra

    Nicolae Florin PașcaNicolae Florin Pașca7 日 前
  • Looks like someone bumped the saturation slider in editing.

  • So if you take your laptop with you to the ISS, it's best you switch the SODIMMS on it with ones that have ECC, right.🤔

    Bernard GilbertBernard Gilbert7 日 前
  • They took the finger again... When will they learn ?

    Rebel StreamersRebel Streamers7 日 前
  • Damn. This was well said Linus. I mean your delivery was bang on.

    Aaron AdamsAaron Adams8 日 前
  • I made this exact same argument at work 2 weeks ago - move our entire fleet of machines to a platform that allows ECC. It would actually reduce the cost of machines, while improving overall performance and increasing reliability. I've no doubt that my message will fall on deaf ears.

    Joel NoJoel No8 日 前
  • Amd is like the nice neighbour and then intel is like the mean old man on your street who pops your balls when you where younger

    XidiusXidius8 日 前
  • Yeah We Always rely on LTT🔥

    MrunAL ChaudhariMrunAL Chaudhari8 日 前
  • "pieces of nine, pieces of nine- another parity error!"

    ralcoolralcool8 日 前
  • i remember however many years ago linus told me ram clock speed dont matter much... it was like almost a decade ago i think because people were exactly buying ssd's

    HasAMonitorTanHasAMonitorTan8 日 前
  • misleading title?

    Roger NevezRoger Nevez8 日 前
  • I would like to know ones and for all how important ecc is.. There is not a single gamer thats scared for a cosmic ray bit flip.. And it won't surprise me some will never experience a bit flip in there entire life. So if your not running a 10.000 cpu simulation.. I don't think its useful. But prove me wrong with hard data

    Marvin HensbergenMarvin Hensbergen8 日 前
    • @Jon iRoFunny...

      Marvin HensbergenMarvin Hensbergen7 日 前
    • Bruh, nah, I've gamed on EEC. It feels diff... You got's to know to know..

      Jon iRoJon iRo8 日 前
  • "but if you want the utmost instability" 8:36 I'm in! Where do I sign up?

    rideXabiderideXabide8 日 前
    • Didn't ya know instability means stability just like Inflammable means flammable.

      Alex 2BAlex 2B日 前
    • EXTREEEEME gaming requires EXTREEEEME instability!

      Rakinjo2Rakinjo22 日 前