NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.

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Nvidia thinks they can pull a fast one on gamers looking to grab an RTX 3060, but we know you're smarter than that - Let's dig deeper and see if we can figure out why they're launching cryptocurrency mining cards...
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    Linus Tech TipsLinus Tech Tips4 日 前
    • #modi_job_do

      Animesh BairagiAnimesh Bairagi時間 前
    • And it's a hardware and software based lock, why are you idiots rehashing 2 week old news, BORING....

      Jordan JankJordan Jank2 時間 前
    • Quit acting like your woke, that's all anyone cares about is getting money and wasting resources on this earth, best gaming cards, AMD is trash and your an idiot if you don't think so

      Jordan JankJordan Jank2 時間 前
    • Linus ALSO only cares about money and not his subscribers...see it works for everyone and not just the "big evil companies" (That you are only too willing to accept free stuff from Linus)

      Colors 66Colors 664 時間 前
    • W

      Fighterlm 123Fighterlm 1236 時間 前
  • Besides everything already said in the video... every time there's a "software lock" on something, I can't help but get mad at the fact that manufacturers are making you waste energy and processing power in the device they sold you just to ensure you don't do something.

    Procrastination OctopusProcrastination Octopus4 分 前
  • Linus Torvalds was right.

    unumunum5 分 前
  • hey man ! Im wondering what will happend with the hashrate, while your gaming ? can you guys test this ? im not rich XD Or it will stays the same.... or maybe this will unlock it and the hashrate will increase !

    domi o'connordomi o'connor8 分 前
  • At the end TRUEEE!

    Gecov PetarGecov Petar9 分 前
  • Biden is going to take executive action today on chips due to auto makers not being able to get enough. I bet that'll drastically affect Nvidia's plan.

    Nathan SolbergNathan Solberg9 分 前
  • So, due to their inability to provide enough supply to keep demand with gaming GPUs, they're going to now SPLIT production between a dedicated, lower tier "gaming only" GPU, and everything else that's able to mine. That's how I see it. They're setting aside the vomit bucket for us to feast on solely while allowing miners to claim the rest.

    Neo_Bahamut_19Neo_Bahamut_199 分 前
  • FK Nvidia

    YanYan13 分 前
  • my 980 ti's I mined on are still going strong for my kids lol

    Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor14 分 前
  • damn Linus. _doomer mode engaged_

    SacredgeometrySacredgeometry15 分 前
  • Really? Giving Nvidia shit while you're sponsored by PIA, the Chinese Spyware?

    gusfsqgusfsq18 分 前
  • I have mixed feelings. Yes, Nividia like every company cares about its value and it looks like miners are way better customers so they are handled beforehand. Big surprise for gamers when market reality hits them with words "You are irrelevant bruh, get rich and come back later". Nividia will rather become a company dedicated to miners rather than stay with gamers since one is a world future and gamers are... gamers. Being the powerhorse for worldchanging projects that are strictly connected with cryptocurrencies is more important than some stupid raytracing for tech nerds. Sorry for that honesity.

    Bartłomiej SobieszekBartłomiej Sobieszek18 分 前
  • After a google search, turns out silicon is the second most COMMON element on Earth...

    Jacob HillJacob Hill22 分 前
  • As someone who has a giant paper weight rather than a computer, because I can't get a card, I personally hate miners for what they've done to the market for everyone else. They started a snowball that turned into an avalanche. The result? Skyrocketing prices, basically no availability, and a general shit show.

    The Liberal LARPeratorThe Liberal LARPerator24 分 前
  • I was literally thinking about this when I first saw the article pop up on my google news. Like you are going to spend resources on making cards that ARE NOT GPUs when that is your business and say you are doing it 'for gamers' my god the eye roll.

    USKI! UskiUSKI! Uski26 分 前
  • Finally, a media source that is not following the script provided by nvida.

    David JonesDavid Jones31 分 前

    Saud MillwalaSaud Millwala35 分 前
  • For all the people complaining about GPU mining, thank you! You've succeeded in degrading the value of the graphics cards we are purchasing.

    TaziusTazius35 分 前
  • no corporation is your friend, they are all for-profits period.

    Amaar Al-HayderAmaar Al-Hayder37 分 前
  • Having said that- when did LTT go back to PIA? Place was wacked a year ago...

    Isaac WolfIsaac Wolf41 分 前
  • I freaking love how much of the "dont take shit from anyone" mindset all tech channels have on big corporations, lol.

    Benjamin LeTourneauBenjamin LeTourneau41 分 前
  • I'm not sure about NO resale value. Limited perhaps, but there's still applications that don't require bleeding edge computation and still would benefit from compute-only cards, I'm thinking, avoiding the temptation to install and play games on my 3D rendering workstation for example...

    The CheatermanThe Cheaterman42 分 前
  • maybe if elon musk lands on mars he can find silicon mines and ship that shit back here to earth, problem is we probably will run out of silicon by the time that happens LOL. Also i dont think the price of these gpus for mining will return even remotely close back the value that you put into them, hence just a scam promoted by nvidia for gullible individuals like myself who watch linus tech tips to make illogical decisions :D

    TruthSeeker717TruthSeeker71743 分 前
  • The solution to these problems is regulating the inasne capitalism. Are you going to support left leaning politicians in Canada, Linus, or are you just posturing and not actaully standing by it?

    WeiWei45 分 前
  • Linus, why are you starting to look like a homeless hippie? Are you suffering from burnout- and depression? Maybe you should take a break from youtube and focus on something different. you have been doing this for quite some time and i think you need a break.

    TruthSeeker717TruthSeeker71747 分 前
  • This is absolutely true, guys, when we see from the performance that normally we should have double the power in rtx and rx and in the middle class in general, I see that it is not 100% performance, something that happens even for years, graphics cards are expensive. suspicious and from what I see it is not for us players any card is only for the money

    dimos kalampakasdimos kalampakas50 分 前
  • Here is an idea for China. Please produce cheep yet good GPUs and undermine Nvidia. I m surprised that hasn't happen yet.

    XandarXandar50 分 前
  • Without even knowing it, I got my desktop with AMD Radeon graphics. I'm super lucky

    Nathan CostaNathan Costa56 分 前
  • Linus is mad and so I am mad

    Lane ManLane Man56 分 前
  • I was waiting to hear this video is sponsored by NVIDA 😂

    Chief_of_hereChief_of_here56 分 前
  • I don't like Bitcoin, because it's unsustainable.

    unfaunfa時間 前
  • Woops, seems like Greta Turdberg wont have her utopia after all.

    CrepitusCrepitus時間 前
  • And on Linus next video... "But before we talk about this situation... let's here from our sponsor... NVIDIA!"

    Joe O.Joe O.時間 前
  • I’m using P106 to watch this video. In June 2020, I only spent 14 dollars to get a P106-090. I don’t often play games that require better equipment, so for me, Most of the time, it is a GTX1060 3GB, and it only costs $14. F**k you Nvidia Not everyone is a millionaire

    Koswo PondKoswo Pond時間 前
  • I literally just want to buy a gaming pc at a reasonable price it's been 3 years, 2018 and 19 I had money issues 2020 covid arrived, and in 2021 these fucking scalpers

    Pixel ParanoidPixel Paranoid時間 前
  • I have given up on building a new gaming PC. Nvidia has convinced me that I'm not obsessed enough with gaming to put up with this. Good Luck Gamers.

    Mojo NekoMojo Neko時間 前
  • out_of_stock(NVIDA, AMD)

    Chris WeaverChris Weaver時間 前
  • Yes, unlock the 3060's... let them get scalped away so they can be later resold.. and people will just gamble their money by buying second hand GPU's that mine crypto for months with the hope that the person selling them was the "knlowedgable" kind of miner that undervolted it. Great logic. Much better solution, yeah. As if you don't capitalize on matters like this to make videos, which will be viewed by people which will grow your channel and income. As if we didn't already know a giant tech company doesnt give a crap about the client's wellbeing

    OrFeAsGr ArtOrFeAsGr Art時間 前
    • @jnapoleon I didn't make a video about it.

      OrFeAsGr ArtOrFeAsGr Art59 分 前
    • So what's your solution hah, as if you give a damn

      jnapoleonjnapoleon時間 前
  • and then there is me, outright refusing to upgrade my card while NVidia are doing this shite.

    05thomaslj05thomaslj時間 前
  • Gotta love capitalism!

    K XK X時間 前
  • Diamond hands!

    Rampage-SamaRampage-Sama時間 前
  • Linus is the man

    jeffhizzlejeffhizzle時間 前
  • Legend is, our warrior came from Canadian winters with a beard and winter cap.

    Yusuf JawadYusuf Jawad時間 前
  • #modi_job_do

    Animesh BairagiAnimesh Bairagi時間 前
  • And Linus do? Always pushing overpriced merch, multiple sponsors in a video, and clickbait titles. I remember during the last crypto boom LTT made multiple videos running crypto algorithm on engineering sample GPU/CPU, how-to videos on building your own miner rig, and selecting the best gaming cards. The “no gamer will buy used crypto cards” was Linus’ own words back then

    PeizxcvPeizxcv時間 前
    • @Parallax Perception And you don't even have an opinion. Talk about sheeps

      PeizxcvPeizxcv41 分 前
    • woo wee woo wee

      Parallax PerceptionParallax Perception53 分 前
    • woo wee woo wee your opinion don't matter

      Parallax PerceptionParallax Perception53 分 前
  • very nice video!

    Ashley PetersAshley Peters時間 前
  • Stop whining

    joão ramosjoão ramos時間 前
  • f**k you,NVIDIA!

    joker kuugajoker kuuga時間 前
  • waiting for RTX3080 to buy for 6 months now... holding up all my projects and delaying my food money... cant even get a decent 2080etc... depressed!!!

    Perigee StudiosPerigee Studios時間 前
  • sponsored by amd

    Jobum JobenJobum Joben時間 前
  • they care about money

    Mitchiri Bee bzzzMitchiri Bee bzzz時間 前
  • I am changing is to AMD.

    Xviper 786Xviper 786時間 前
    • AMD: still no GPUs available. Scalpers and miners bought them too - and crocodile-tears about "bad scalpers and miners, sorry, gamers", nah. They are not better. (and yes, I only use ATI/AMD for the last 15 years)

      Emanuel MayerEmanuel Mayer分 前
  • Wise man discovers the truth about private corps only being interested about their profits. Also same man: "this video is sponsored by… [some private copany] […] [and some other private company]" :-D

    François RevolFrançois Revol時間 前
  • Still, hacking the gpu will probably void its warranty, so again, a "win" for nvidia...

    George VavourasGeorge Vavouras時間 前
  • Capitalism

    DaBicNoodleDaBicNoodle時間 前
  • Repair. You forgot Repair ;-)

    François RevolFrançois Revol時間 前
  • Sitting here today and can't find a gpu to play vr games unless I've have a gazillion dollars so sad

    Kristoffer BernhardtsenKristoffer Bernhardtsen2 時間 前
  • Wouldn't specified hardware for mining allow the prices of the other hardware to get cheaper at least? Im not so sure that cryptocurrency currencies will have a decline again, big banks are allowing credit cards to make payments in cryptocurrency

    Sagara SousukeSagara Sousuke2 時間 前

      Parallax PerceptionParallax Perception51 分 前
    • @Sagara Sousuke did you read the reply?

      Parallax PerceptionParallax Perception51 分 前
    • @Collin McRae Are you taking into account that many GPUs are increasing in price because people are using them for mining? If miners only buy these new cards dedicated to mining, it would stop inflating the prices of the other cards.

      Sagara SousukeSagara Sousuke時間 前
    • No, it doesn’t really change the supply and demand calculus. As Linus said, silicon production is limited. Nvidia already produces as many chips as they can. Producing a separate crypto line can only cut into gaming chip production. Basically, just imagine they took every 30 series card they make, and simply repackaged half as crypto cards, and then somehow made it impossible to use that half for any other purpose. The net result is half as many unlocked gaming gpus on the market. It’s completely illogical to suggest that this strategy could help alleviate the problem with availability of gpus for gamers, in any way.

      Collin McRaeCollin McRae時間 前
  • What would happen if they unlocked the 3060 driver?

    nAnXietynAnXiety2 時間 前
  • Hold on now.. So, from what I understand in regards to the information in the video. NVidia, is locking out certain new cards for crypto mining? And selling other new cards in regards to 100% supporting that same mining? Ummmmm.. if you BUY the card you OWN that hardware and you can build whatever you really want with that hardware without asking the manufacturer permission.. because again.. you own it. If NVidia is really doing this, then there are OTHER COMPANIES that are in collaboration with Nivdia on the side generating money off of this whole collaboration deal. Time to start digging deeper in regards to this.

    Mr XMr X2 時間 前
  • yay where seeying the end of our days and will use asteroids to get silicon !

    tubed tubbes gamingtubed tubbes gaming2 時間 前
  • The difference this time though Linus, is this time, crypto isn't going to end. Too many huge players are involved in the market, and it's manipulation now.

    Greg HillGreg Hill2 時間 前
  • all companies are bad and we should punish them.

    peace gopeace go2 時間 前
  • NVIDIA just lost 13 million supporters I'm seriously considering going team red

    Zephaniah QamerZephaniah Qamer2 時間 前
    • @Parallax Perception if they are available and not scalped for the next 6 months.

      Emanuel MayerEmanuel Mayer48 秒 前
    • wait for 6700/xt if you want to buy 3060

      Parallax PerceptionParallax Perception51 分 前
  • Oh man, what a surprise

    R4NK4SR4NK4S2 時間 前
  • I sold 30+ RX 580 ex-mining cards for 1/3 of the buying price in only 5 days in 2018. They were standard cards not mining edition. My friend bought 18 mining edition cards with only single dvi output, and he still got 5 of them left until now, he sold the card for 1/5 of buying price and nobody wanted them. Linus were right, gamers will gets many perfectly working ex-mining cards very cheap in the stores when coins come crashing, and by specializing their products, only e-waste are generated.

    R-MondR-Mond2 時間 前
  • honestly at this point crypto currencies are doing so much harm to the environment that the good they were invented to achieve is completely negated. it feels like crypto is serving the rich, just like regular currency or other assets, so it should be regulated properly. just look at all the miners in Iran (cheap electricity), the people there are running out of electricity.

    RizZzaKRizZzaK2 時間 前
  • Prices increase and technology is not really significant!

  • Best thing is that, those new nv mining gpus are shitty for mining, its better to use rx 580 or RDN2

    AsTioAsTio2 時間 前
  • So magically there will be sillycon available when the wording is different ?

    Troy CarterTroy Carter2 時間 前
  • If only large companies cared about their actual footprint on this earth we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now. I wish so called “Gaming” companies would stop trying to scrape every last penny possible and just let ASIC miners do their thing. At least someone may use 1 or 2 ASIC miners compared to like 20+ something GPU’s that all get trashed.

    Jonathan EllmannJonathan Ellmann2 時間 前
  • this channel "jpworlds.info/up/bideo/bIithNmZkJh4zac" turned a 2070 super in a 2080 by making resistor change and bios...

    Gabriel GomesGabriel Gomes2 時間 前
  • I have my 2080 Super OC and im Happy, no matter what will come 😎

    Kara BatuhanKara Batuhan2 時間 前
  • I have plenty of games to play from playstation 1. I'm closer to a new console rather than new GPU.

    PistaxinPistaxin2 時間 前
  • What if crypto miners don't buy mining cards, and instead buy true graphics cards to retain some secondary value?

    2randomcrap32randomcrap32 時間 前
  • is true 100% i k

    djfranklaserdjfranklaser2 時間 前
  • Very nice comment! Thanks

    Manuel Joram San LuisManuel Joram San Luis2 時間 前
  • i would have laughed so hard if his sponsor was nvidia for this video

    LennyLenny2 時間 前
  • nvidia is looking to sell in quantity in different and not us the players that for this reason we think that something is done through the graphics cards that do not have the absolute power performance in our system and only for a few ghz that's why all the cards and old prices are in god and we think that evolves over the years and we think that we see improvements in high frequency graphics do not want to give us 100% performance any company that sells us a few fps :(

    dimos kalampakasdimos kalampakas2 時間 前
  • Linus. Ethereum will be moving from mining to stake. There will be no need to mine eth. In a few months.

    xOxGoDMoDxOxxOxGoDMoDxOx2 時間 前
  • "Unhackable," said the marketing expert, seemingly unaware of their audience.

    KayKay2 時間 前
  • Agree 100 Percent fxxx NVIDIA

    Marius SchmittMarius Schmitt2 時間 前
  • Remember, it's not just Nvidia that only cares about their stock price, it's Phizer as well.

    SamoKažemSamoKažem3 時間 前
  • But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away. (Isaiah 64:6 [KJV]) --:-- As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. (Romans 3:10-12 [KJV]) --:-- I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV])

    Trust And ObeyTrust And Obey3 時間 前
  • None of them care about any of us, all they care about is SALE numbers. Airheaded fan Bois, braking down benchmarks do all the needed marketing, same as ufc clowns fans.

    drazen miskovicdrazen miskovic3 時間 前
  • Every publicly traded company is beholden to the stock holders. By law. Its fucked.

    Keyboard GKeyboard G3 時間 前
  • Who still play video games in 2021?

    good wartergood warter3 時間 前
    • u

      Parallax PerceptionParallax Perception47 分 前
  • next in, how to upgrade your existing graphics card with used CMP parts

    Wizards of ScriptWizards of Script3 時間 前
  • 1 Gamer use 1-2 Card (1 Card for Gaming 1 Card for Stream) 1 Miner usb 6-8 Card (For own benefit) Don't think too much Miner, you guys are just "Selfish" just that

    Ta_Ke 13Ta_Ke 133 時間 前
  • I enjoy most of your content but this video starts off as whiny. Boo Hoo... a company does something they feel is in their own best interest. There is a market that they feel they can meet a need in. Just cause it may or may not be a market you think isn't a good thing for you, them or the market...? It's their investment and their financial pursuit.

    Jon UberiskJon Uberisk3 時間 前
  • Linus tech tips pretending to be a gamer

    b r i c k of c o c a i n eb r i c k of c o c a i n e3 時間 前
  • Funny good look with that Nivdia

    Leonardo LuqueLeonardo Luque3 時間 前
  • Next episode, Linus Torvalds and Linus Sebastián unite and say FUCK YOU NVIDIA

    SimBiotic MusicSimBiotic Music3 時間 前
  • And thats why amd exists

    TJTJ3 時間 前
  • Uhm no hack needed. Driver only blocks eth mining, everything else works fine, people wont even bother hacking it, got 3060 already ordered, gna start mining day 1,

    lightgormlightgorm3 時間 前
  • The only graphics cards that are available at my favourite online store are GT710's and GT1030's, FFS. I have never seen this before. They should strip naked all cryptominers, cover them with tar and feathers and expel them into the desert. Or just make cryptomining illegal, for all I care.

    Jon DoeJon Doe3 時間 前
  • How does unlocking the 3060 causes a flood of cards at the end of the mining phase? I don't get his solution at the end.

    Lazar PopovLazar Popov3 時間 前
  • *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(look up and ask HIM)*

    Ken NecheeKen Nechee4 時間 前
  • If NVIDEA cared, I could pre-order the 3080 for $699 off their website, get placed in a cue with a number and a countdown, and wait for my product to arrive vs watching A-holes scalp the same card for over $1,800 on Amazon. Also, f-ck the people who buy those scalped cards. You’re literally helping to kill the GPU economy. Just because you _can_ afford something doesn’t mean you _should_ afford something. Seriously

    Daniel BoydDaniel Boyd4 時間 前
  • I got my 3080 Strix IDGAF! 😹

    Eddy9livesEddy9lives4 時間 前