PC Master Race Tries to Beat Xbox Series X

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The new lineup of consoles is a pretty sweet deal when you consider the price and performance, but can we build a gaming PC that can thwart these well-optimized gaming boxes? We’re sure going to try!
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  • This just makes me proud to own an Xbox Series X. So much performance for the price, can't go wrong.

  • I always say: most people need a computer anyway, so you'll probably end up saving money if you just spend a bit more on the computer and ditch the console.

    DeadDead54 分 前
  • windows10: 🗿🗿🗿

    Shakirzhan IzimovShakirzhan Izimov時間 前
  • Forgot to include windows license on the price list.

    Бобан СамарџијаБобан Самарџија2 時間 前
  • task manager!...omg talk about PTSD...take it away!!! please!!!

    B GB G2 時間 前
  • One other thing is the 4K Blu-ray drive..

    Terry HoultTerry Hoult5 時間 前
  • Try this again when MFS 2020 comes to Xbox

    Phil SimPhil Sim9 時間 前
  • Your budget could be like $1200 honestly with how much scalpers are selling these for 😂

    Faze BananaFaze Banana10 時間 前
  • “That leaves us at”.......janky

    Jonathan VonEngelnJonathan VonEngeln17 時間 前
  • And the lack of buy/sell second hand games or collection them.

    ViejunoViejuno18 時間 前
    • @Alt Acc Plenty of people, ebay, amazon, cex, games top,... Often Second hand is cheaper than digital and you still can resell them, I play new games just for few bucks. Also I keep the ones I like, and many of them are more expensive today than some years ago when I bought them.

      ViejunoViejuno7 時間 前
    • Who sells there games anymore in 2021? Why would you even wanna buy them?

      Alt AccAlt Acc8 時間 前
  • The thing is that those prices on cosoles can be that "low" with that hardware because Microsoft and Sony take a percent when they sell games on their systems. Let's say they get 10$ of each game on full retail price on release, and as people get more games the more they recover for hardware and still make profit. Not to talk about paid online, subcription services, DLC, etc. For PC on the other hand you got software way cheaper and still be able to do other stuff like Linus said. Dont get me wrong Valve and other game software distributors still get their share, lower, but it's still there. Still intend on keeping my 9 years old Gaming PC at least for one more year.

    Phoku89Phoku8918 時間 前
    • @Turtle Fan on pc the Xbox game pass is free for almost half a year if you are willing to do some hassle. Not only that! You could do something on pc that many call a glitch (but it really isn't) to claim all the Xbox game pass games forever (no piracy). So free Xbox game pass + being able to claim those games after the pass ended. And this is not even the best deal you could get on the pc. 👀

      Alt AccAlt Acc8 時間 前
    • @Turtle Fan almost all games are free on the pc, not even counting pirating. I know but console gamers can't comprehend how cheap games are these day's on pc.

      Alt AccAlt Acc8 時間 前
    • Nah games are dirt cheap on playstation store bro and Sony takes like $2 from there games and it's $60 bucks a year and comes with 24 games and with game pass if you're on xbox jesus that's one hell of a deal also playstation has the ps plus collection which is 30 games with more coming it's not that bad

      Turtle FanTurtle Fan17 時間 前
  • it really makes me sad to see people still beating each other over the Console/PC thing. consoles are doing so great at delivering what they should deliver relative to their price tags. I have friends and family who cannot make sense of video settings in modern games. they absolutely have no idea what the hell Anti-Aliasing means and how a single toggle drastically impacts the performance of their games. so what's the point of them having a monster rig loaded with a 3080 when they can't even utilize it? IMO, the big difference is not in the machines themselves. but the difference lies in the people who are using them. in the end, it all boils down to one's knowledge about technical stuff. if you can safely overclock your HW and optimally set your games to give you every drop of FPS possible, then go for a PC. if not, then settle for a console and play without any hassles. just remember, a PC is not a gaming machine. it's far more than that. it's everything you ask it to be. but you must know how to talk to it. with the sheer amount of rendering power a 3080 gives you, you can earn back the money by freelancing with Illustrator or Blender. you can even learn Machine learning and Neural networks. hell, even mining Crypto. I mean whatever you want. put that power to some real use. and don't get mad over console prices being so cheaper than your single GPUs. remember consoles can't even run a calculator.

    Rest1ess e7eSRest1ess e7eS19 時間 前
    • Consoles can run a calculator homie just go to the web browser and look up calculator and boom

      Turtle FanTurtle Fan17 時間 前
  • Come on Linus,. to cheated using Aliexpress. You have to pay the retail price that most pc gamers pay. Also Aliexpress has repair items sold as new, that's why the prices are cheap. You cheated.☝🏾

    KeepskatinKeepskatin20 時間 前
    • @Alt Acc You didn't pay attention , he did say he bought from AliExpress, and twice they sent him wrong parts. 01:44 AliExpress

      KeepskatinKeepskatin3 時間 前
    • When did he say he bought it from there? And there are still some legitimate big Chinese legit factory's selling new unused pc parts on Aliexpress, it is just that almost anyone in China can open a aliexpress, making the platform less serious.

      Alt AccAlt Acc8 時間 前
    • its not like its unfair though

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid15 時間 前
  • if i had a 500 $ budget i would buy a xbox series s and 120 hz monitor and a extra 512 gb ssd drive for xbox series s

    AN1GLAN1GL21 時間 前
  • It’s the “$69 dollars...nice” for me lol

    Chris MorganChris Morgan21 時間 前
  • The thing is, the xbox that was running in the bottom left corner was an xbox one x not a series x so that's why he was getting 60 fps

    Mallan The melonMallan The melon日 前
  • So no, you can not build a new PC to compete with the xbox series x.

    xbladerunnerxbladerunner日 前
  • LOL the only way to match is to buy used! Wow.

    EdgeEdge日 前
    • Yes, there is a GPU crisis.

      Alt AccAlt Acc日 前
  • Console loses and will continue to do so, generation after generation while they continue to cling too inferior input methods. It is not a debate that KB&M IS KING! If there was native support across the board, there would be a chance. Although how long will the Xbox PSU last? The one in my ONE X died with very little use, current PSU in my gaming PC i purchased rather along time ago, think 8800GTX SLI era... Just a wee bit longer lifespan than the craptastic one fitted into xbox.

    dunxydunxy日 前
    • What were you doing to your xbox one bro I've never seen that happen

      Turtle FanTurtle Fan17 時間 前
  • Does this guy know how much a 1070 cost right now 😂😂😂

  • Seems like a 1-0 for Xbox! (No, i havent owned consoles since 2001, so.) Eventually everything is going to merge.

    Natasha GlazeNatasha Glaze日 前
    • @Turtle Fan yeah, compared to the pc? It sucks the game prices. Why do you think we call out Steam sales so often? How would you feel if I told you I got *all* Xbox game pass games FOR FREE legitimately on pc without paying A CENT, including *all* EA play games for a LIFETIME whiteout paying either, and those many games only in this month. How would you feel? No piracy *

      Alt AccAlt Acc時間 前
    • @Turtle Fan how is it worth it when your paying for something you shouldnt need to pay for?

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid15 時間 前
    • @Alt Acc it's $60 for a year and comes with gamepass which is worth it by that because gamepass is like 300 games

      Turtle FanTurtle Fan17 時間 前
    • It is only $80 bucks more, and on Xbox you need to pay $120 per year for online. So technically pc = still cheaper. 🤔

      Alt AccAlt Acc日 前
  • Boriiing,, set up PS4 pro for Dota 2 in linux and Benchmark

    jo hahnjo hahn日 前
  • Try building the PC without used/second hand parts, it's just not going to be anywhere near possible. And the controller is just a joke. It would be more interesting to see how expensive it would be to actually match XSX performance (SSD vs SSD, CPU vs CPU, GPU vs GPU etc.) with brand new, off the shelf PC parts. PS. I'm just a gaming/tech enthusiast who sees value for all the platforms. Too old to care about any "master race" debate.. :)

    J PJ P日 前
    • You can't test the cpu and ssd's. What do you want to do? Use a cpu benchmarking tool for the Xbox?

      Alt AccAlt Acc日 前
  • you left out the price of a mouse and keyboard and windows OS to even get this going

    clint coleclint cole日 前
    • @Turtle Fan I totally agree the xbox against this pc is a better gaming machine.If yhey could spend around 700-800 dollars then they could make a better gamibg machine and experience

      Polykarpos ChristodoulouPolykarpos Christodoulou10 時間 前
    • @Polykarpos Christodoulou comes with a $60 controller which is considered one of the best controller's soooo

      Turtle FanTurtle Fan17 時間 前
    • Don't have to activate Windows.the xbox doesn't come with keyboard and mouse

      Polykarpos ChristodoulouPolykarpos Christodoulou日 前
  • That's impressive as fuck, especially with Series X continuing the trend of consoles being sold at a loss.

    Гугл ГовноГугл Говно2 日 前
    • they still earning most of the money on monetized online service? Used to be a main reason I never went with x box, can't imagine having to pay a membership fee just to get access to multiplayer.

  • To match the series x you would need all NEW comparable pc parts (amd equivalents) new ms xsx wireless controller and blu-ray drive. Not going to happen for anywhere near $500.

    Jack BurtonJack Burton2 日 前
    • @Jack Burton You said: "if you put in a blu-ray drive and a wireless controller it would not going to happen for anywhere near $500" and then you said "you wil get north of 1k".. I can't find one at msrp, I can't find one in my country for $500 bucks as well (they forgot to convert the currency so it is more like $640 in my country), and I can't find a Xbox that does not lock me out of playing online without paying $120 bucks. 🤷‍♂️

      Alt AccAlt Acc時間 前
    • @Alt Acc are you drunk!? Yes the series x is REALLY $500. If you can find a series x the msrp is $500 plus tax. No more. Unlike the new Nvidia GPUs that were a paper launch where they said, for example, the 3080 msrp was $699 but in reality it was over $800. And where the hell did I ever say a blu-ray drive costs $500!? I didn't. A blu-ray drive costs less than $50. A UHD blu-ray drive costs over $100. A SERIES X HAS A UHD BLU-RAY DRIVE, NOT A REGULAR BLU-RAY DRIVE. Again, you cannot build a new pc equivalents in hardware to the series x for under $1k.

      Jack BurtonJack Burton日 前
    • @Jack Burton nothing much, it is just that the Xbox isn't really $500 bucks, it is advertised to be but in reality it isn't that cheap. So making a pc the same as a Xbox for $800 bucks would still be acceptable. Also, where tf does a basic blue ray drive cost $500?

      Alt AccAlt Acc日 前
    • @Alt Acc ok? What does that have to do with anything I was saying? You are arguing a different point. Regardless, to match exactly what you get with series x HARDWARE you are north if $1k, not $600 to $800. And for GAMES you get a pretty damn good deal with gamepass.

      Jack BurtonJack Burton日 前
    • @Jack Burton okay, then let's say the pc is $600 - $800 bucks. Then the pc is still a better deal. Because a Xbox is $500 bucks + forced pay $120 a year. You could pay per month, but in a year that would be higher then just paying it right of the bet. So a Xbox is more like $620 bucks without games, if you want games you would need to spend a crazy amount on them. Why do you think Xbox exist? That's right. To make money. Just think logical.

      Alt AccAlt Acc日 前
  • What a pain I'd rather buy the console

    Juan SantiagoJuan Santiago2 日 前
    • It's like selecting pokeballs isn't it. Then i'll take the PC (because that was what i was aiming for anyway).

      Natasha GlazeNatasha Glaze日 前
  • 🚨Was that an illegal transition?!You’re gonna have to come with me young man 👮‍♀️🚓

    angel fariasangel farias2 日 前
  • I have a feeling you guys haven't included any of the shipping in the prices. I'm sure you found that 1070 for $200 plus $100 shipping. Or you have a team of auction Hunters to help get you these kinds of prices.

    • No, in my country you can get a *brand new* 1070 for $200 bucks when it is on sale. Also, $100 bucks!? You could get Alixpress shit send for 1/10 the price..

      Alt AccAlt Acc2 日 前
  • The sad fact is that a LOT of people paid three times retail for the new consoles when the scalpers scooped them up. Realistically you could be showing the kind of machine you could get with that kind of money.

    Jason BuckJason Buck2 日 前
  • Where did you find an Xbox for 399-500. I get the simplicity of it. However, I am just not a console guy. after 3 or 4 years I can upgrade my PC a little bit to keep it up to date. 4 years from now a 500 dollar PC will def beat out the Xbox. If I remember right doesn't Microsoft do a new Xbox like every 6 years or so?

    AlphaDragonGamingAlphaDragonGaming2 日 前
  • Stadia is the best

    Carlos OviedoCarlos Oviedo2 日 前
  • The Console is sold at a loss you can't match it

    Bobby GhostBobby Ghost2 日 前
  • How about a $500 second hand ebay challenge? See who can build the best PC using used/secondhand parts off ebay with a $500 budget.

    ROVER25XROVER25X2 日 前
  • so what happened to the 4k blu ray player?

    Dan The ManDan The Man2 日 前
    • @Natasha Glaze you really dont use disks at all on pc, its hard to buy a case that even has a slot for disk drive

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid日 前
    • @ArcaneVoid Well... blu-ray things..

      Natasha GlazeNatasha Glaze日 前
    • what are u gonna use it for on pc?

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid2 日 前
  • as little as 69 dollars... ... nice

    Unquenchable FireUnquenchable Fire2 日 前
  • Consoles aren't designed to generate profit. Almost every console player I know spends money to play online, and they pay subscription fees to rent games monthly. I spend on average $5 per game I purchase. I don't pay to play with friends. That's several hundred dollars per year alone. Over 7 years (if I remember the last console lifespan correctly) that's easily a great gaming PC. That doesn't include the stupid advertising on consoles. God do I HATE the Xbox One S I bought my now 4 year old son two years ago. I constantly feel like crap is being shoved in my face. My pc just fires up and we play. My son even prefers pc gaming because he sees the difference (both in FPS and the other stuff mentioned here).

    Joshua BollmanJoshua Bollman2 日 前
    • Edit: I'm saying the hardware isn't where the money is. The money is in the subscription fees.

      Joshua BollmanJoshua Bollman2 日 前
  • I love my 1070. I'd love to have a 3080 (and would upgrade now if they were in stock) but for most games I'm not really missing much and can play the majority in 4k with high or ultra settings and decent frames. That said I'm sure in a year or two we will see some more demanding titles.

    hobobbobhohobobbobho2 日 前
  • This build reminds me of scrapyard wars. Trying to get best performance. Trying to beat someone elses performance. Broken hardware. Sketchy deals. Weird setups to get incompatible hardware to work. This so feels like a scrapyard wars build

    Izzy Ace SpeedrunsIzzy Ace Speedruns2 日 前
  • The GTX 10xx series still has a few years of life left in it. I only just recently swapped out a 1080ti for a 3090

    NikolaiSlapabitchNikolaiSlapabitch2 日 前
  • 9:57 Linus verbally abusing his employees once again...

    • • nannesoar •• • nannesoar •2 日 前
  • It's weird that the term PC MasterRace got so popular considering it comes exclusively from Nazi ideology...

    • • nannesoar •• • nannesoar •2 日 前
    • @Natasha GlazeMOTHER OF GOD

      • • nannesoar •• • nannesoar •日 前
    • Did you know IBM technology was also used by the nazis to scan barcodes on concentrationcamp prisoners and that the internet was invented by the military industrial complex?. And that the (coming) 6G grid is going to merge YOUR world, the real world and the cyber world and it all ties in with end times Bible prophecy, the mark of the beast etc.?

      Natasha GlazeNatasha Glaze日 前
  • What's with the hat? Is it really that cold in there?

    Ultra VelvetUltra Velvet2 日 前
  • Me, an Xbox gamer, when I see a PC that costs $100 more than the Series X loses to the Xbox Series X: **EVIL LAUGHTER ENSUES* MWAHAHAHA!!!*

    Rogue R34P3RRogue R34P3R2 日 前
  • And you can play with mouse and keyboard. 😁 5 year old GPU and CPU hold up against current brand new console. Seems about right.

    pallendapallenda3 日 前
    • @Turtle Fan it's hard to understand what you type. I am saying a 5 year old GPU for PC is about as good as brand new GPU in consoles. Both are old GPUs. And on top there is great mouse and keyboard support on PC, some types of games aren't really out on consoles because almost nobody has mouse and keyboard on console. How many console games really have great support for mouse and keyboard? I would very few if any. On PC I can just plug in a console controller and use that. PC is more versatile.

      pallendapallenda16 時間 前
    • Xbox has there own official keyboard and mouse bro and and thing from 5 years ago blows the fuck out of any parts from 5 years ago what are you on homie

      Turtle FanTurtle Fan17 時間 前
  • the thing people need to remember is that this kind of price for price comparison should NOT happen in the first few months of the consoles launch (pc power increases massively every 6 months) do this again in 2 years and itll be laughable to buy a console as usual.

    highjimhighjim3 日 前
    • @highJim You're jelly, and pc fanboying

      KeepskatinKeepskatin20 時間 前
  • A GTX1070 for $200, give me a break!

    BuggerlugzBuggerlugz3 日 前
  • What makes me sad is that I can sell my 2070 Super I bought 2 years ago and buy TWO Xbox Series X's with it.

    EnnovativeEnnovative3 日 前
  • CNN: "Declares this some kind of PC Master race victory." 15:18 - 15:20 Over the Xbox Series X despite admittedly going over budget. Linus falsified his lists and presented his hardware in a confusing manner hoping the average viewer would not be able to keep up. His very clear bias towards the PC community indicates that the Xbox X never really stood a chance. He owes Xbox an apology and is clearly a Microsoft shill.

    EnnovativeEnnovative3 日 前
  • Isn't the series X and PS 5 both like $1k?

    Mohammad IbrahimMohammad Ibrahim3 日 前

    baronoflightbaronoflight3 日 前
    • 9:30 12:29

      Alt AccAlt Acc日 前
    • He did..

      Alt AccAlt Acc2 日 前
  • Yeahhh the GPU market has to get fixed before we can take on the Series X. My PC eats the series X but at the same time I have about 2500$ worth of hardware. now when considering frames per dollar I get smoked but its only fair to mention I build this thing when the 20 series super cards dropped so its been a while.

    EnnovativeEnnovative3 日 前
  • ew linus was driving automatic on forza

    joe mamajoe mama3 日 前
  • I always find myself chuckling at this guy's good natured humor XD

    Zachary LehnerZachary Lehner3 日 前
  • The Xbox Series X is an awesome console for the money Even buying pc components at junk shop prices trying your absolute best your not going to get close to the well built highly powerful xbox. Console's are the way to go

    baz wattsbaz watts3 日 前
    • in a year or so you will, and consoles arent for everyone

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid3 日 前
  • Well considering you can't buy and Xbox series X or PS5 anywhere and I can go and buy or build a PC anytime I want, in my book PC wins right now.

    Touch TheBaconTouch TheBacon3 日 前
  • Will the PC have guarantee?

    Tobias JohanssonTobias Johansson4 日 前
    • Yes

      Alt AccAlt Acc4 日 前
  • Xbox is king!

    jerryholbrook13jerryholbrook134 日 前
    • Why? It lost..

      Alt AccAlt Acc4 日 前
  • If you can't afford a mid range/high end PC sure go for the console nothing wrong with that. But PC still it a multi use piece of hardware and until the consoles do THAT they are still inferior to a PC. Also most who build their own pc know it's going to cost more than a console but we build it ourselves and that is part of the "pc master race" appeal. When I build a PC from the ground up I build it knowing it will last through multiple console generations so I save money regardless. I also save on games since there are so many different sales on steam/GOG/etc. Other nice thing is more COD kiddies play on the consoles so that keeps them away from the PC multiplayer games.

    TechTiteTechTite4 日 前
  • Also don’t forget that it takes some hours to source out all the parts on eBay and actually building and calibrating your system. And your own time is also worth a certain amount of money. The actual task should be to pay someone else 500 dollars and make them build you a comparable system whilst still making profit for himself.

  • I don't think it is a fair fight to begin with. We don't know the actual production cost of the console units. They're discounting the machines at market and making it up in other things like subscriptions and game purchases. You pay for a computer and you pay for it. Where PC gaming has it's returns though is in it's longevity, upgradeability, modability, surplus of markets and depreciation and sales of software. Xbox is still a close platform for most users and given enough time everything and it's mother comes to the PC platform. It might need to be hacked, rebuilt or stolen but it will come... The cost of hardware though is inconsequential, and certainly when the consoles are sold at a loss and produced in a more vertical fashion.

    pigtailsboypigtailsboy4 日 前
    • No shit sherlock

      Turtle FanTurtle Fan17 時間 前
  • Ah, gaming pcs and their endless problems.

    Aaron SAaron S4 日 前
    • Yes consoles are better :)

      SAFISSAFIS3 日 前
    • yes because consoles are perfect and dont have any issues :)

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid4 日 前
  • you deserve every single sub

    Alpa GünniAlpa Günni4 日 前
  • "worried about someone using your WiFi" ever heard of a password?

    Harvey AshworthHarvey Ashworth4 日 前
  • Yet again, claims that there could be a PC for as cheap as console, and you just don't. Claims wrong, wrong, and wrong again throughout the history of these experiments. PC's can always be built up to be more powerful.... But at what cost? Expect to spend at least a thou, if not three thou for a PC to be a gaming PC to out do consoles, and those costs are severely different. AND NEVER get a PC from DIGITAL STORM. EVER!

    BangcatBangcat4 日 前
    • Chill bro. It is close enough. You all bitching about a tad bit more over the Xbox's price, even tho you didn't consider the $120 per year you need to pay to play online on the Xbox.

      Alt AccAlt Acc4 日 前
    • @Steven pineda obviously, but to achieve the level over the console, it's always going to cost more. It costs more even for it to reach the same balance of cost vs gaming options. Granted it also means you have less censorship that can stop you from doing what you want to do. I'm just tired of all the click bait videos that say they can build a console's worth of power for the same price. They always cop out with 'close enough' and it's really not. With the fact I got burned so bad putting thousands into a PC from Digital Storm and time after time over multiple years they never got it right to the point something bad in my life had me give up on it for a few months, they could finally blame the problem on me and so I'm stuck with it. With a game console, you simply ship it back and it's their problem till they get it right, and down the line if you got screwed, at least it was only for about 600 bucks. This PC cost me thousands and even more as I found out Digital Storm was hooking up my liquid pump to a fan controller all along with both machines and they charged me for the processor their F up burnt out. Consoles F up that hard, they'd be more liable for it and can't explain it away as something like, some hardware or another's fault. Digital Storm left a real sour taste in where PC builders have gone, and with my hands and the likes I just can't do such an all out rig on my own anymore. Also tired of the clowns who keep saying I should just build my own when I just no longer can and I don't see them all building their own cars or something else that they drive to work in or crafting their own shoes. You shouldn't have to build it yourself just to get something that works. You should get what you paid for, and Digital Storm did not accomplish, and the cost to risk ratio for gaming PC's in general as opposed to a console that a company is more liable for making work as mass assembly line units, it just feels better to largely go back to console gaming in many cases. If it doesn't work on a console, someone's ass is on the line to be liable, hardware or software. Meanwhile due to all the variable build types of a PC, companies get away with murder often blaming their mistakes on certain hardware not working with it or the other way around. Sorry for the rant, and I paid massive for a major rig. Then more thinking it couldn't keep going wrong. For the amount I paid into the PC I could've gotten multiples of every console and handhelds that were current at the time. I still need to use a PC, and trying to get the most out of my Digital Storm leftovers, but I doubt I'll ever go into such a high end rig ever again, and certainly not from Digital Storm. It still burns my ass that Linus here always seems to NEVER be a secret shopper against Digital Storm. Probably because they keep sending him free $#!+.

      BangcatBangcat4 日 前
    • Well obviously a console will never touch a high end pc…..

      Steven pinedaSteven pineda4 日 前
  • for that price tag to beat the console? A bunch of people kept making this claim about the PS4 even back in the day, and always said 'close enough.' No.' You didn't meet the price, you failed and your video is a click bait lie.

    BangcatBangcat4 日 前
  • Play a real game lol no pc is going to compare to the series x at even a 1400 dollar budget. How do i know. I have both. The xbox will run 120 fps with Ray tracing in 4k. You'll need a newest gen gpu to compare. Which is 800 plus dollars alone. Play cyberpunk on that pc see what happens. Before all the pc ball lickers chime in, i play both so chill the f out

    J YJ Y4 日 前
    • @J Y did u read the fine print? or did you just assume? also you cant post links on youtube :/

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid2 日 前
    • @ArcaneVoid it's literally advertised on the site fuck... Like drop some links bud. Please😂😂

      J YJ Y2 日 前
    • @J Y bro i really dont care about my 1060, i dont have a fragile ego that needs the latest hardware like someone :) if i wanted a better gpu, i could just buy one. i have a job and just spent 5k cash on a car, idk why you have to keep making this personal. i told you about how it actually doesnt run anything demanding at those resolutions and framerates and you dont want to accept it. idk how im hating, im just pointing out that u dont know what your talking about because you think the xbox website is the most accurate source for information when they lie all the time

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid2 日 前
    • @ArcaneVoid because i play both and paid for both. I have first hand experience with both. I know what both will do. 😂😂😂 you got triggered and said that im wrong to make you feel better about a 1060 gpu. You're hating on series x that brings unbelievable performance for the price. When a pc twice as much wont touch it.

      J YJ Y2 日 前
    • You commented on my comment talkin shit bud dont cry now. Go on xbox.com and look it up... I'm done arguing with kids

      J YJ Y2 日 前
  • Pretty bad games for performance testing,xbox is locked at 60 fps while your PC just cant run any higher,put a more demanding game like cyberpunk and you will see more than twice the difference in performance if not more,just a graphics card alone to run such games on PC cost more than xbox.

    Mihhail NevermindMihhail Nevermind4 日 前
    • @Alt Acc I have a system with 3900x and 5700xt which is slightly worser than 2070 super,mp 5 corsair ssd and 64g of ram,and i still have drops to 50-55 fps while playing cyberpunk at 1080p ultra settings,so no,you wont get 68 average fps with 1070,more like 28 average fps.

      Mihhail NevermindMihhail Nevermind2 日 前
    • @Mihhail Nevermind yeah, the get props, but there is still no reason to buy a console over a pc if you want a better gaming experience, witch is quite disappointing. With the system they build it is more like AVG 68fps and 1% lows 40fps. But OK.

      Alt AccAlt Acc2 日 前
    • @Alt Acc Xbox lacks any visual enchantements like sharpness,thats is true....And even tough im not a big fan of consoles,you have to give them a credit,you wont find anything that comes even close to their performance for that price in demanding titles.....Lets say you you playe cyberpunk without 4k,you would get solid 60 fps with ocassional 5 frps drops,with the system they build,while playing in 1080p you would be lucky if you get 35-40 fps in limited spaces and less than 30 in wide open areas with lots of objects.

      Mihhail NevermindMihhail Nevermind2 日 前
    • It looks extremely blurry on the Xbox, notting like true 4k or even 1440p.

      Alt AccAlt Acc2 日 前
    • @Mihhail Nevermind upscaled * it plays at 972p 50fps actually on the Xbox. 🤷‍♂️

      Alt AccAlt Acc2 日 前
  • Bias as hell, you're literally playing Xbox One X games, none of these games has even been optimised for Series X. You should have played The Medium or Gears 5, but the true difference will be with true next gen games and new engines like Unreal Engine 5, this generation hasn't even truly started yet.

    Keno RoseKeno Rose4 日 前
    • @Steven pineda second one a bit, first one is better tbh.

      Keno RoseKeno Rose4 日 前
    • @Keno Rose you play the division 2🤮🤮🤮🤮

      Steven pinedaSteven pineda4 日 前
    • Mad?

      Alt AccAlt Acc4 日 前
    • @Steven pineda they improved just a resolution, other games did it as well but it doesn't show as improved for Series S/X like The Division 2.

      Keno RoseKeno Rose4 日 前
    • Forza horizon 4 is optimized……

      Steven pinedaSteven pineda4 日 前
  • Fair play to Xbox, after the Xbox one, S and X (which were terrible) I didn’t think it was possible to make a console with enough bang for the buck. Apparently they have. But still there aren’t any launch titles and if u wanna play fable 3 on game pass for the next 3 or 4 years then console is perfect!

    Stephen ThompsonStephen Thompson5 日 前
    • @Steven pineda yeah cuz there wasn’t any launch titles lol. That’s what I’m saying only dumbtarded people buy a new console to play old games on haha

      Stephen ThompsonStephen Thompson4 日 前
    • Most people didn’t get the Xbox for exclusives they got cuz of the insane backwards compatibility…. You can even play some original Xbox titles

      Steven pinedaSteven pineda4 日 前
  • I'd pay twice as much for a PC , then I ever would a console. Gaming is only one part.......of about a 1000 different things you can do on a PC. I'm cheap.......I have an HTPC , but my gaming pc is also my business PC. YES....I use that one for both. I Couldn't do any business , cruise the web , ect....on a console. It's why I don't own one.

    No Safe Space NeededNo Safe Space Needed5 日 前
  • Pc still dont have quick resume...

    Oscar LimaOscar Lima5 日 前
    • It is been on pc for years, I can send you proof If you would like?

      Alt AccAlt Acc4 日 前
    • its called alt tab, been on pc for a very long time. just dont have a fancy name for it :)

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid4 日 前
  • if the console could do the pc work id buy xbox mini

    Jatt Da ChannelJatt Da Channel5 日 前
  • Linus is biased the whole time. It is clearly better looking on the Xbox.

    LainK1978LainK19785 日 前
    • @Alt Acc oh gotcha👍

      Steven pinedaSteven pineda4 日 前
    • @Steven pineda not you *

      Alt AccAlt Acc4 日 前
    • @Alt Acc what?

      Steven pinedaSteven pineda4 日 前
    • Sais the biased console peasant. 🤡

      Alt AccAlt Acc4 日 前
    • No it didn’t but they were pretty close…doom eternal ran at 130 while the Xbox was locked at 60

      Steven pinedaSteven pineda4 日 前
  • Hmmm, what about upping the price to match 5-7 yrs of paying for online play? So, $800-$920.

    WCCXWCCX5 日 前
    • @Turtle Fan , online play as in Xbox Live Gold which is $60/yr (for now). Over 5-7 years that's $300-$420 on top of the $500 you pay for the system. $800-$920 is a fairer comparison for anyone interested in playing games online.

      WCCXWCCX15 時間 前
    • Hell no it's $300 bucks for 5 year's which is 120 games and gamepass

      Turtle FanTurtle Fan16 時間 前
  • So more expensive, mostly used parts, smaller ssd, no ray tracing.. geez what a bargain.

    Christian BatemanChristian Bateman5 日 前
    • @Christian Bateman sorry for interrupting the conversation, but the Xbox controllers aren't really $50. They just make you pay that if you want to buy a separate spare one. 😔 On the Xbox K&M are not that great compatible with most games, yet another Xbox con. 😔 So just get a 20$ pc m&k *but* just knock notting of the price for the Xbox. then just get the *more expensive* motherboard, but keep the *cheaper* ram. Trust me, it is fast enough, I work in IT. Calculate it for me, if it is *under* $800 bucks then there is no way I am getting a Xbox. If it's over, then maybe. Why 800? The forced costs you need to pay when buying a Xbox.. 👍💯

      Jan Peter rJan Peter r2 日 前
    • @Alt Acc not sure you’ll get comparable speeds using 25$ ram... same with the board needs to have similar spec, on board wifi, pcie 4.0 lanes ect.. and as for the controller it’s a comparable list, so knock 50 off for Xbox and use a kb&m with that 🤷‍♂️

      Christian BatemanChristian Bateman3 日 前
    • @Christian Bateman You could get cheaper ram for $25 (ecc server ram), motherboard can be $40 HP Z one. The controller is optional. You can also go to a shop to buy pc parts. So now you have all new parts vs a refurbished Xbox. Btw, you calculate what you will safe in 3 years, but it is better to do it in 7 (a whole generation).

      Alt AccAlt Acc4 日 前
    • @Alt Acc 300 for leftovers? 16gb ram $70 Case $30 Fans $20 Cpu cooler $30 Motherboard $70 Power supply $40 1tb ssd nvme $80 Controller $50 $390 And that’s if you go get cheapo parts and then factor in you have to wait for all this to be delivered then you have to build it.. Xbox - go to store, buy it, take it home and play.

      Christian BatemanChristian Bateman4 日 前
    • @Jan Peter r that’s why I’m talking pure price for performance on gaming not anything else.

      Christian BatemanChristian Bateman4 日 前
  • Would love to see this again when games are no longer being made with consel cross gen in mind.

    Meister KrausMeister Kraus6 日 前
    • I don't think that's the only issue. Although it is a big one. Pc hardware is now ridiculously priced compared to consoles in that price range you get wayyyy better performance on console. I went from pc to console this Gen because of that. I just couldn't get a pc anywhere near that

      Sherazaad AbdullaSherazaad Abdulla日 前
  • I got an Xbox and a 3070/5900x and yes the Xbox is a real good hardware for gaming definitely worth it even as a pc player so is the ps5 for those exclusives

    Cruz SlnsCruz Slns6 日 前
  • If all you do is play video games, then it’s the best gaming value for your money. But if you need a PC anyway for school or work, it’s more effective to pool your gaming budget and your computer budget into one machine that’ll ultimately be more powerful and more versatile.

    You_justYou_just6 日 前
  • I guess another positive for PC is you can spend that bit more to get extra performance when and IF you want. I personally think that the Xbox and ps5 are such good value really

    AlexAlex6 日 前
  • xbox and ps5 are being sold at a loss though, aren't they?

    JaydoDreJaydoDre6 日 前
  • My 128 gigs of ram even my case or my video card cost more than those crap consoles and my controller is still from xbox lol!!!!!!!!!

    Eli PercivalEli Percival6 日 前
  • For an extra $80, you have a PC

    Nisyam SchnellNisyam Schnell6 日 前
  • You cant build a PC as good as the series x with a $500 budget.

    Jose SanchezJose Sanchez6 日 前
  • I am building a new gaming PC, buy I am salvaging parts from my old PC.... Seasonic PSU, Noctua Cooler, Case, and storage HDDs. I may sell the leftovers... CPU, GPU, RAM, and MB. That money will go towards the new build....

    Larry JacksonLarry Jackson6 日 前
  • Idk man, If a gamer and already in the PC ecosystem, you can just take your case/cooling and motherboard/ power supply, that's obviously going to be better. If you're just looking to unbox something kick ass for ease of use, console all day. Big take away for me is, if you're a gamer, and have to keep it well under a grand, You can Frankenstein a budget rig or just try to grab a next gen console. It's just personal preference.

    IkonIkon6 日 前
  • Screw all those updates and troubleshooting.

    Daniel DaSilvaDaniel DaSilva6 日 前
  • next video this but its a portable pc and against the switch edit: also im a playstation guy so i currently have the ps5 but ill probably get the xbox series s as i just wanna play halo and other games

    sup brosup bro6 日 前
  • The main benefit to console is the game is already optimized, but that said apu's cant do what gpu's do but the cost if building is crazy right now comparatively.

    Adam cAdam c6 日 前
  • I have a xbox and a gaming laptop. Yeah maybe a laptop doesn't support as much freedom but only the richer people can afford gaming laptops🤷‍♂️

    the underground empirethe underground empire7 日 前
  • I love my xbox. I seen it on game and they were available anyway I didn't rush it, instead I went back on the site the day after and ordered one. It arrived 20 days earlier. There was meant to be a long waiting time but weirdly came alot earlier

    the underground empirethe underground empire7 日 前
  • Was all for this till they bought used parts and a controller no one would ever use ..

    Roger SRoger S7 日 前
    • @ArcaneVoid xbox uses all new parts and alot of people just don't like used parts personally I would like my things new

      Turtle FanTurtle Fan16 時間 前
    • whats wrong with used parts?

      ArcaneVoidArcaneVoid4 日 前
  • the first couple of minutes is just exactly why I buy consoles for gaming, I'm not a tech-head.

    HannoHanno7 日 前
    • The thing is you don't have to be a tech head.Obviously the ltt team tried to target a very low price so they had to do some weird ebay-cina stuff to get the performance they wanted.if you instead choose to go with all normal it is actually pretty easy to get a pc

      Polykarpos ChristodoulouPolykarpos Christodoulou日 前
  • So, if you try and match the spec of a series X with new hardware and an exact match in memory, SSD capacity, SSD speed and Ray Tracing with HDMI 2.1 and grab a series s/x controller. You’d be looking at approx 1k+. I.E. Xbox is better value for money than a true equivalent PC. Also, Xbox can run emulation in developer mode, and comes with Edge installed, the bing app is great also. I used to think I would never go back to consoles. But the Xbox Series X changed that!!

    Oliver SawtellOliver Sawtell7 日 前
  • My favorite part of the video is always the segway to the sponsor. It is always really good.

    CalifornianPizzaCalifornianPizza7 日 前
  • But can he beat goku tho?

    zStealthyzStealthy7 日 前
  • You could’ve increased budget to 700, since current msrp is that now

    Blitz CourtBlitz Court7 日 前
    • Resell value is never considered msrp. Even if it's extremely difficult to get yours hands on the system because so many people are buying them just to sell them for hundreds of dollars more, the MSRP is only the price the producer is selling it for not whatever second hand sellers are trying to get it off for. The distinction matters in terms of economics

      M_J SM_J S7 日 前
  • How did you find a 1070 on eBay for $200?!

    Steve TaylorSteve Taylor7 日 前
  • Even though there’s not much difference in terms of graphics from previous gen to the current one, both the ps5 and xbs X|S are a bargain compared to similar specs PCs

    9crv9crv7 日 前
  • You simply cannot build a PC as food as a conaole dor the first 2 vears even with used parts. Microaoft and Son get components a lit cheaper than us.

    007GoldenLion007GoldenLion7 日 前