The DEATH of Cloud Gaming - WAN Show February 5, 2021

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Timestamps (Courtesy of MattDog_222)
0:00 Intro with Google Stadia changing
1:49 Luke's take about Stadia
3:34 Linus's problem with what Google was doing
4:56 Talking about acquisition opportunities
6:38 Linus: The bigger problem with Stadia
8:24 One of the holy grail's of gaming: Fully destructible environments
9:50 Linus's prison escape simulator game idea
11:02 Game called "Teardown" discussion
11:53 The core idea of cloud gaming + Google lacking patience
13:26 Google's confusing mindset hypothetical example
14:22 Everyone knows games take a long time to develop (except Google)
16:05 GeForce Now has reached 6 Million members
16:48 Luke: Nvidia & Microsoft have good approaches
17:45 Xbox Series X example
18:40 Comparing to Nintendo Wii/Switch controller/accessory costs
19:59 Luke singing the song again + Linus trying to censor it live
20:26 Nvidia requiring companies to be transparent about RTX3000 specifications
21:57 Linus calling one of the writers about RTX3000 spec requirement
23:02 TDP not making much difference, but boost clocks are
25:01 Currently don't know much about the 80W vs. 150W (price, power usage, performance)
26:40 Luke enjoys Nvidia shooting themselves in the foot
27:44 What Linus thinks Nvidia needs (Intel like naming approach)
28:32 Is Linus still holding GME (Gamestop) stocks? (skip to 42:24)
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30:28 Sponsor: Ridge Wallet
31:13 Sponsor: Honey
31:57 Luke tells us a story from his mom
34:18 Comparing old and current JPworlds comments
36:23 Other people responding to comments for you
37:33 (Rumor) Apple VR Headset could cost $3,000
39:22 Linus worried about Apple's approach + How it might impact VR market
40:27 The Valve Index's VR problems comparison
42:24 Linus GME (Gamestop) stock update
44:34 (Floatplane chat) GPD video question
44:57 How Yvonne (wife) handled the GME stocks
47:28 Not LTT Store
48:14 (New scarves)
49:54 Valve fined $4,000,000 on Steam controller
52:10 Linus: Gaming patents shouldn't last as long
54:18 NZXT Apologizes for safety issue on H1 case
56:30 Superchats
59:46 Linus's lifetime investments summary
1:02:17 Conclusion
1:02:41 Outro