THIS is a Graphics Card..??

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The folks over at ASRock RACK have created a graphics card that fits in an M.2 socket - it’s a lot smaller than an Nvidia RTX 3080 - but can it run games?
Check out that ASRock Rack M2_VGA Module at
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • When you're CPU could software render faster then the GPU.

    Jayson WillsJayson Wills時間 前
  • 9:23 darn near the fps of cp2077 on ps4😏 - not bad, not bad at all

  • 9:43 WARP is just a continuation of D3D HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) software/reference rasterizer. That would run all your D3D games at atrocious framerates straight on the CPU in the times before 3D accelerators like a voodoo, Rage3D or Riva 128 were common enough to be included in every system.

    bami2bami25 時間 前
  • An new unit: SPF - seconds per frame

    dolce_gabana_stdolce_gabana_st5 時間 前
  • 1:38 To compare: My 20 years old laptop has 32 mb vram...

    Builder 04Builder 049 時間 前
  • He doesn't have a 3080 he has a 30

    Commander DrangCommander Drang10 時間 前
  • Linus: " just like I'll die if I didn't tell you about my sponsor" Sponser: (>'-')P

    taj may-stubblestaj may-stubbles12 時間 前
  • POV: Linus roasts your budget setup

    Archar GelodArchar Gelod12 時間 前
  • can it run crisis

    logical softlogical soft15 時間 前
  • You ended up using WARP (the windows virtual graphics processor for devices without an actual GPU) instead 😆😆😆

    John KellyJohn Kelly15 時間 前
  • My on board gpu Amd fx 9590 is better lol

    R3tr0hax Media GroupR3tr0hax Media Group18 時間 前
  • Linus. What should i go for if i want to build an all Corsair build, but i am afraid that the ram modules will be too tall for my aio. I am looking at the vengeance pro. All of the cases with nice rgb seen too small. Hope someone can help!

    Villads SkjoldagerVillads Skjoldager18 時間 前
  • This runs better than my pc

    Raman NoodlesRaman Noodles18 時間 前
  • BRO THE CPU IS PROBABLY DOING THE MOST XD but that gpu is fucking tiny compare it to the 3090 founders

    Smooothie 101Smooothie 10120 時間 前
  • لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين 😂

    amr magdyamr magdy21 時間 前
  • Really nice

    Sepehr8585 HosseiniSepehr8585 Hosseini22 時間 前
  • Great

    Sepehr8585 HosseiniSepehr8585 Hosseini22 時間 前
  • This makes my Intel HD 2000 feel like an RTX 3090.

    twentytwentyhoetwentytwentyhoe23 時間 前
  • no is this exception.

    Robert Witt JrRobert Witt Jr23 時間 前
  • Damn the screen tearing is insane would recommend 10/10! Great for gaining fear and nausea at the same time!

    IcedElEctricedIcedElEctriced日 前
  • Press "2" on your keyboard You can thank me later

    JimmyJimmy日 前
  • man's sponsored by fucking war thunder lmao

    olivethoolivetho日 前
  • Linus looks like he's one joint away from saying DUDE

    Anubhav DasAnubhav Das日 前
  • I was actually looking for something like this to put into my home server

    bdbghbdbgh日 前
  • Ok, let's be honest here how many of you actually noticed that Linus changed his cap for the different shots?

    AeonGaming XAeonGaming X日 前
  • It's been a long time since laughing this much with a Linus' video, thanks a lot. Seconds per frame xD

    Ramiro YabenRamiro Yaben日 前
  • Please, try to watercool it!

    Blood AStiBlood ASti2 日 前
  • so if this gpu can't play a video maybe can handle doom eternal.....

    kia kamkia kam2 日 前
  • "Hey bro, just built a sick rig with an RTX 3080. Getting around 200FPS in COD. What are you playing at?" Yeah bro I'm getting around 5000SPF with my rig

    MarkoMarko2 日 前
  • doesn't youtube sometimes default to 480p to reduce load ever since coronavirus lockdowns?

    theR1ckesttheR1ckest2 日 前
  • Alright I got a new pc but its not the fastest I checked the ram and its 2gb!!! But they are ddr2 so I can't get like a 32gb ram ,also there is a pentium D processor, so should I just get a new motherboard, gpu, and ram?

    Turtlez clapzTurtlez clapz2 日 前
  • Now I can play Oregon Trail on my Apple II at 4k. Yes!!!!!

    Manny RiveraManny Rivera2 日 前

    Angrius WindstormAngrius Windstorm2 日 前
  • But can it run crysis?

    Justin HamletJustin Hamlet2 日 前
  • I think it costs $2.99, $2 for the box and $0.99 for the m.2 eliminator

    سيد ديارسيد ديار2 日 前
  • _Dude! Everything's gone 8-bit! What happened to the colors?_

    SmoggyLamb GamingSmoggyLamb Gaming2 日 前
  • his shirt is like a cpu chip

    Abc LAbc L2 日 前
  • no, its an m.2 ssd. get your components correct

    EtheaaryEtheaary2 日 前
  • There's a game that this card would run smoothly - Carmageddon 2. And MAYBE NFS Underground 2, though the latter requires 64 VRAM.

    Валсо ДарВалсо Дар3 日 前
  • This is better than my old pc :(

    YoItz Just NightbotYoItz Just Nightbot3 日 前
  • Imagine one of these with an AMD Radeon Vega 8/RDNA 12

    Zak FigueroaZak Figueroa3 日 前
  • 10:14 "Doom Maternal"

    ChitanChitan3 日 前
  • vlog create on NVIDIA DGX A100

    SA-LAN gamingSA-LAN gaming3 日 前
  • That 64 and 1 Hz stuff is a feature of the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver that gets activated when there's no proper graphics driver loaded. You can try it for yourself by deactivating your GPU in Device Manager.

    Boden StändigBoden Ständig3 日 前
  • Pretty sure built in video is a better bet at that point

    KielEireKielEire3 日 前
  • but can you run more than one at a time?

    eric kestnereric kestner3 日 前
  • Did you get that 2080ti from JayzTwoCents?

    Jerry ManciniJerry Mancini4 日 前
  • When it's 4 in the morning and your dog has to piss 3:26

    CounterHornetCounterHornet4 日 前
  • buy me one bc iwant it to put it on my laptop bc mine is intel 620 hd sso i want another one

    GuidlyGuidly4 日 前
  • VGA is superior to HDMI !!!

    Timmy PastaTimmy Pasta4 日 前
  • My intel graphics card inside my 1800$ mac which cant be replaced because theres not enough space: p a t h e t i c

    StillSaneStillSane4 日 前
  • But what about Minecraft? I saw the Minecraft launcher on your screen there

    AhmedZee2981AhmedZee29814 日 前
    • Minecraft rely heavily on graphics card more than processor even with such a VGA it is not possible to run, at least use a minimum of Intel HD 4000 or GT 410

      Fauzan RafiqFauzan Rafiq2 日 前
  • I love hearing Linus do a video drunk.

    Heath AikenHeath Aiken4 日 前
  • But can it run crisis 3

    sahil khullarsahil khullar4 日 前
  • I got my GTX970 for 80 dollars

    HandtuchHDHandtuchHD4 日 前
  • ok, that's 2A6 vs T-62, that was some extreme uptier

    RikkiRikki4 日 前
  • I think my color depth is low on my monitor I don't know how to fix this can someone help me I have a Viotek GN24C and a GTX 1660 SUPER

    shotarcherZshotarcherZ5 日 前

    shotarcherZshotarcherZ5 日 前
  • That was a sick burn there. 😂😂😂

    Ayabonga HlweleAyabonga Hlwele5 日 前
  • Thats cute!

    TechMaster9000TechMaster90005 日 前
  • mining gpu X this?

    R ValentR Valent5 日 前
  • Give it 10 years & we’ll have the power of the RTX 3090 squeezed down to that size 😉

    Michael RamosMichael Ramos5 日 前
  • I have a graphics card in same size,but it is better than this

    信仰的wo信仰的wo5 日 前
  • my graphics card costed 75 dollers and it can run games like rocket leugue

    nojusjonojusjo5 日 前
  • Remember, it takes very little graphical performance to run a slot machine... sometimes that's all they need.

    David WeiDavid Wei5 日 前
  • I have a question for you out of the blue. How current is the tech on the Perseverance Mars mission?

    Shawn WShawn W5 日 前
  • it looks like dog shit because VGA maxes out at 480.....

    killershark90killershark905 日 前
  • Nice braces.

    Exotic ChedderzExotic Chedderz5 日 前
  • The graphics card is junk only 16 MB Ram DDR1 there would have at least 2 TB DDR5 and it währe some use, the card is overpriced for the poor performance.

    Lippi lLippi l6 日 前
  • Looks more like a RAM stick and not a GPU

    idkidk6 日 前
  • Best gpu for cyberpunk :)

    CactusCactus6 日 前
  • check internet historian video

    Greard FlorentGreard Florent6 日 前

    Stephen SpeliadesStephen Speliades6 日 前
  • neeto, but i mean we cram IGPU's onto our damn CPU die, so this is like, mreh...

    Mr. HippyMr. Hippy6 日 前
  • Linus what is the chanse that i get a free pc in the next month

    XD LEOXD LEO6 日 前
  • This may save Clevo laptops with broken dGPU (they don't want to run if they don't detect dGPU)

    FargothPLFargothPL7 日 前
  • Gotta love Linus's enthusiasm here.

    Jo RevenJo Reven7 日 前
  • When you ask yourself how much testosterone linus has: 3:10

    arnek 8arnek 87 日 前
  • Now my integrated graphics feels like a RTX 2080Ti.

    Mini tomateMini tomate7 日 前
  • a comment to support the channel

    Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 60007 日 前
  • good i didnt get new rtx 3000 I NEED TO HAVE THIS BEAST

    Ast 86Ast 867 日 前
  • can you guyz do a review for "1st player BASS (Black) Special-Shaped Micro ATX Gaming Case" kind a liked its can shaped build but sadly there isnt any reviews for it. Since you guys do the best reviews i had only Linus in mind to ask for this favor🙏

    Moiz Uddin TemuriMoiz Uddin Temuri7 日 前
  • Still a more viable option than RTX 3000 series.

    RazeRaze7 日 前
  • This is the future people

    Benjamin KennedyBenjamin Kennedy7 日 前
  • Funny guy here my thumb up You earned at pulse

    juan okitajuan okita7 日 前
  • 4:48 that was amazing

    Joe HoldenJoe Holden7 日 前
  • yo linus give me a pc i have covid and i cant play at home please be cool with me

    phil bphil b7 日 前
  • try running garry's mod while someone has a big pac3 in the server

    Abridged MangoesAbridged Mangoes7 日 前
  • 8-bit colour should be what??

    Doug SteelDoug Steel8 日 前
  • I remember the color depth issue...

    Félix SalazarFélix Salazar8 日 前
  • How many Megahash a second (MH/s) does it support?

    TVA RecordingsTVA Recordings8 日 前
  • What happens if you conect it to a raspberry pie?

    Daniel PedrazaDaniel Pedraza8 日 前
  • Represent Folding@Home dummy!

    Ian Kester-HaneyIan Kester-Haney8 日 前
  • *LTT gang getting hype over $20,000 PC setup* - Nah *LTT gang freaking out over getting 4 fps for 1 sec on lowest possible settings* - This is what I'm here for

    Quest WilliamsQuest Williams8 日 前
  • Try it with a threadripper so the CPU rendering is actually good lol

    Kronk with a GunKronk with a Gun9 日 前
  • what about put it in a laptop nvme slot?

    Matteo BianchiMatteo Bianchi9 日 前
  • Unity for the WIN

    The New Roman TimesThe New Roman Times9 日 前
  • How do I never see the sponsorship coming?

    DwarfinessDwarfiness9 日 前
  • Now if it can run Runescape, I'll call it a good budget card.

    Rene CardithRene Cardith9 日 前
  • Wonder if this would be an alternative to a 2 gamers 1 pc build. Having the host using the m.2 gpu and giving the pcie x16 gpu to guests

    SnikurSnikur9 日 前