Your Memory is Getting its OWN CPU?? - WAN Show February 19, 2021

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Timestamps (Courtesy of AD)
Topics: 0:06
Intro: 1:57
Sponsors: 2:20
Samsung calming 1st high bandwidth memory and AI processing: 2:30
Nvidia slows the mining performance of up coming 3060: 13:37
New floatplane video (Buying counterfeit LTT Merch): 19:35
Sponsors: 24:35
Reacting to xQc’s reaction to Linus’s reaction of xQc building his PC : 28:56
Linus drawing: 49:05
Linus confession: 1:09:38
Linus talks about his “bone-head move”: 1:11:08
Linus “overall response” to the reaction: 1:13:28
Linus talk about Twitch streaming and streamers: 1:14:17
Return to other topics :
Facebook: 1:16:31
Xbox series x got an update: 1:21:56
SuperChats: 1:26:04
Outro: 1:28:46

  • one minute in and linus is already doing a death grips cover. i guess they go pretty hard in these livestreams.

    Jiminy H. CriquetJiminy H. Criquet3 分 前
  • what is the twitch link for this?

    Corey MichaudCorey Michaud2 時間 前
  • Wasn’t expecting a fluid mechanics lecture

    Lars JohansenLars Johansen3 時間 前
  • The PCU and Pompe :P

    raky76raky763 時間 前
  • xkcd > xqc

    Jamilson PadiernosJamilson Padiernos3 時間 前
  • CPU's all the way down.

    D HawthorneD Hawthorne4 時間 前
  • Spectre and Meltdown: hello there, another prediction mechanism.

    Виталий БакулевВиталий Бакулев7 時間 前
  • I nerd a SSD Doom port

    Bio EmilianoBio Emiliano7 時間 前
  • 42:00 pleas kill me!

    AkunoAkuno10 時間 前
  • I love Luke thinking

    Ukyo82Ukyo8210 時間 前
  • Reading the title I first thought our human memories were getting cpus. HOW WOULD THAT EVEN WORK

    Izzy Ace SpeedrunsIzzy Ace Speedruns11 時間 前

    Iivari MokelainenIivari Mokelainen13 時間 前
  • The term is "siphon", that is the effect that balances gravity in a closed loop of liquid. Convection though will alter the flow rate with regards to input on bottom or top.

    caphenningcaphenning15 時間 前
  • Lol 42:08 talkception!!!

    KidZanarkandKidZanarkand15 時間 前
  • Linus build me a pc

    Lil MartinezLil Martinez16 時間 前
  • WO WO WO.... Head pressure does not matter in this system! AT ALL EVER! The only thing gravity or 'head' in this system would do is exceed the pressure rating of the lines (and or fittings) but that would have to be a significant 'height' of head. The ONLY resistance this system sees is incurred through friction and turbulence caused by the lines and hardware!!! Please... this is a video in its own right and please retract this. The principles of fluid dynamics deserve to be clearly and simply explained as they are simple and beautiful.

    Stewart CarberryStewart Carberry17 時間 前
  • I like Luke's haircut

    Rob RichardRob Richard17 時間 前

    Stewart CarberryStewart Carberry17 時間 前
  • Can't wait to see tinkerers run Doom on an SSD or memory stick

    TickingFeatherTickingFeather18 時間 前
  • About the pump thing regarding xqc. In all fairness, he didn’t say the water would never be able to go back up due to gravity. He was just under the impression that gravity could assist the pump. Also, he had an aio which doesn’t have a separate pump and res.

  • Nothing better than watching a video of Linus watching a video of xQc watching a video of Linus. Worst WAN Show ever.

    Dan DavisDan Davis20 時間 前
  • Vaush Paint Stream starts at 49:15 :P

    JcewazhereJcewazhere20 時間 前
  • That paint drawing... that hurt. Not just because it was a paint drawing, mad respect for mspaint diagrams, that explanation was *awful*. That house pipe metaphor or whatever was less awful, but linus... linus never do me like that again.

    Shadowtrot / CAUShadowtrot / CAU20 時間 前
  • Funniest WAN show ever

    Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATOPotatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO20 時間 前
  • The crazy audio problem was hilarious. I

    C MedlinC Medlin22 時間 前
  • "A shooting game that I had never heard of before" -- Blackthorn was amazing. It was more in the vein of "flashback" or "out of this world". I doubt you would play it today and think "omg great game!" But I spend many hours on that game and have a scar on my hand to this day where I died in the game and swung my fist and accidently hit my media stand and tore up my hand.

    ReivecSReivecS23 時間 前
  • in german there’s a chicken game like that called moorhuhn

    Daniel ToberDaniel Tober23 時間 前
  • How long until someone plays Doom on this new RAM?

    marcdiblasimarcdiblasi23 時間 前
  • Linus, MS Paint isn't your strong suit, next time use Visio!

    Danger NoodleDanger Noodle日 前
  • Watching Linus move his eyebrows while Luke reads about the RTX3060

  • 1:24:50 Do you mean Moorhuhn??? Its not made by Blizzard but it really fits your description

    VladiboyVladiboy日 前
  • 01:03:25 I guess I might be a boomer then... Oh, well...

    zwerkozwerko日 前
  • Isnt the Water getting sucked up and not pushed up? Because in a closed system, the gravity would cause a "vacuum" and suck the water after it towards the gravity-affected water to cancel out the vacuum.

  • 1:24:00 what he is talking about sounds extremely like "Moorhuhn" I don't know the English name and I'm not sure if blizzard actually published it but it was kinda popular among boomers in Germany around 20 years or so ago

    OttOctaviusOttOctavius日 前
  • Luke with the spiffing Brit plug near the end there, I love it

    Jon HughesJon Hughes日 前
  • If it's von-nuemann machine then it's already a computer don't you think??

    Wutipong WongsakuldejWutipong Wongsakuldej日 前
  • 56:21 yeah but the whole reason this debate was created on GN’s youtube was because the lifespan would decrease because air bubbles would get in the pump if you didn’t orientate the radiator, it was not because of the gravity

    MichplayMichplay日 前
  • I knew XKCD but not xQc... I am officially a boomer :(

    kyppodkkyppodk日 前
  • Pretty bad to listen to this as a podcast. Please don't upload these things to podcast. Regular news is much easier to follow

    RegolyRegoly日 前
  • 31:40 well one sponsor is happy to have 2 sponsor spots for the price of one 😁😂 Also we need a reaction video of this wan show one

    MichplayMichplay日 前
  • BTTV not enabled DansGame

    2shar 22shar 2日 前
  • I have a splendid idea! Madison now knows how to build a PC, right? Hook her up with xqc. This will be juicers!

    Юрий ТруновЮрий Трунов日 前
  • I think it's completely fair for facebook to pay for making money from other peoples content. Hope facebook gets rekt though.

    Brad BradsonBrad Bradson日 前
  • Hole lawn water cooling ? 55:00 ?

    MaZeeTMaZeeT日 前
  • Whenever i hear XQC I think people are talking about XKCD

    Brad BradsonBrad Bradson日 前
    • Lol what I'm not a boomer.

      Brad BradsonBrad Bradson日 前
  • Linus, you have to put that MS Paint artwork on a T-Shirt!!!

    Joaquin GarciaJoaquin Garcia日 前
  • This comment section is us reacting to Linus/Luke reacting to Q-person reacting to Linus reacting to Q-person reaction to Linus reacting to Q-person. Do I have that right?

    thecaneaterthecaneater日 前
  • Linus is slowly morphing into pewdiepie

    BadgerBadger日 前
  • I know everybody hates sponsors taking too much time on videos, but the ones on WAN Show get no love, its painful to just hear the names without knowing what they actually offer. I hope sponsors aren't overpaying for these mentions...

    ciber freeplay3ciber freeplay3日 前
  • Whole yard water cooling?

    aafor3aafor3日 前
  • For some years now, decades even, it seemed obvious to me that the next step forward could be to put CPUs and RAM together. I often wondered why that wasn't done, then realized that process technologies, number of layers, etc, may be substantially different between CPUs and RAM. I think this development is actually about two decades late. It looks like general-purpose CPUs are no where close to being integrated into RAM (though perhaps a simple core, like a MIPS or RISC-V would be a good candidate), but it clearly makes sense to integrate memory-heavy (and relatively CPU-light) functions into the memory.

    Aaron WestAaron West日 前
  • LinusPhysicsTips

    Marvs MejaresMarvs Mejares日 前
  • A friend of mine did some research into hard disk CPU malware, scary stuff.

    Michael EarlMichael Earl日 前
  • Quoting samsung's own material, "We plan to build upon this breakthrough by further collaborating with AI solution providers for even more advanced PIM-powered applications.". Clearly it requires some application support. When integrated into AI processors is probably where user code needs not bother with it, and is probably where the "no software changes" thing comes from. The way it's described sounds akin to an FPGA integrated into the memory itself, which would allow massively parallel processing of in-memory data while reading it, after configuring the FPGA matrix. Great for huge neural networks BTW, but also other applications. Many imaging chips handle data processing this way, so it's not entirely new, but it's certainly interesting if it were to be made mainstream, especially due to its programmability. Just how programmable it ends up being in its initial form is yet to be seen, but as GPUs started "merely configurable" and then shifted entirely into "programmable" land, I would expect this to follow a similar path if successful.

    Claudio FreireClaudio Freire日 前
  • MOTHERBOARD: How good is the Audio Sound Hardware and Software. Should we test it?

    Jack DyckJack Dyck日 前
  • The chicken game: Moorhuhn (crazy english in countries outside Germany). It was a huge fad in Germany for years in the early 2000s

    Marc RitzMarc Ritz日 前
  • RISC Processor for RAM?

    Jack DyckJack Dyck日 前
  • First time they haven't talked through the intro? :(

    SeanHeaneySeanHeaney日 前
  • I really enjoyed the gravity Waves! :D the problem here is to know if the reservoir is vented to the atmosphere or not! :)

    eznAnzeeznAnze日 前
  • made me think of a transport triggered architecture one-instruction cpu using only the *move* instruction from yrs ago.

    Random DebrisRandom Debris日 前
  • damn, the sponsors for the original clip are getting like 4x their payment for 1 sponsored clip

    psychicidepsychicide日 前
  • This xqc thing is wild. This wan show was almost an hour of streamception and kinda made it unpleasant :/

    ilikepie1974ilikepie1974日 前
  • The name is diablo 2 remastered, but it contains diablo 1 and 2 plus addons. (i didn't know what xwc was but know xkcd)

    Derek KellyDerek Kelly日 前
  • 1:05:00 He actually disliked the video on accident 😆

    christiano10ronaldochristiano10ronaldo日 前
  • We need new Stonks-like memes, but this time with PCU and Pomp :D

    Dominik RemesDominik Remes日 前
  • The reaction part of this wan show is definitely not for audio only. I never watch the show, only listen to as podcasts. Worst podcast ever😒.

    matthew saltzbergmatthew saltzberg日 前
  • OMG, Linus science class nearly killed me. On a side note you don't generally "push" water. If you pull water the vacuum in the system will suck the other side uphill.

    Derek KellyDerek Kelly日 前
  • I love that xqc was actually chill about the critique. Like he disnt get mad he just kinda laughs it off

    WILD7WILD7日 前
  • More scientifically, there is more energy being imparted on the water inside the tube than gravity on the outside. I.E. Gravity v.s. water pressure + pump pressure = Gravity loses because its 2 against one .. however the longer the tube the more the odds even out

    Chibi TheEdgehogChibi TheEdgehog日 前
  • Can I mind crypto with ps5

    10whiten9910whiten99日 前
  • How do i disable bixby from my memory ?

    Casual TechyCasual Techy日 前
  • Luke with the whole pump thing, I just built a new loop today and my radiator that'd after my pump and the majority of my gpu filled due to gravity pushing the water up before my distroplate on the other side of the pump was full, and then the coolant would flow back through the pump when I turned it off back to an equilibrium

    Tim BrownTim Brown日 前
  • are we just going to ignore Linus green lighting a toxic work environment? wake the fuck up business man ... im all good for some work banter and joking arround, but if someone is complaining to hr, that means they are being abused... watching this man since filming with slick next to the fountain, but really?

    BunnyXDBunnyXD日 前
  • Can someone near Westminster check on Newton's grave?

    MarkFromSalesMarkFromSales日 前
  • Best to just let Facebook run wild and determine what the truth is that people believe and also who people trust? Sounds like Orwell's 1980 to me.

    Travis CentersTravis Centers日 前
  • Perfect mouse for shovel hands, the Corsair Glaive. I found this beaut after trying 13 other mice, all tiny little things for those with feminine hands

    TatVR GamingTatVR Gaming日 前
  • 54:00 If the system is a closed loop, that means the water ends up where it starts. Therefore, by the rule that work done by gravity is independent of its path, the total work done on water by gravity is zero. This means gravity doesn't affect total push or pull of water.

    Rasika DahanayakeRasika Dahanayake日 前
  • AI is not IoT. Reporting the level of water in a bottle would be IoT + Sensors. AI would be predicting when you will run out based on patterns and telling you to go filter 100g of water for the day.

    heavy1metalheavy1metal日 前
  • So if Amazon does not have to review or validate the origin of brands - like LTT merch - so why does youtube throw a fit on music copyright ? I think some equalization of rights handling in the online domain is required.

    SarahKchannelSarahKchannel日 前
  • Lukes volume is ear**** holy crap

    MattytorbsMattytorbs日 前
  • This was probably the most entertaining WAN show I've ever watched, thank you

    Choly CloudCholy Cloud日 前
  • Please google hydrostatic pressure and u-tubing.

    gwilki2gwilki2日 前
  • Ghosted all Social Media 3 years ago, so nice without it honestly

    J RockfordJ Rockford日 前
  • Water seeks its own level. So if it is full, the water seeks it's own level. As the water is cooled, it gets denser and sinks. As it is heated, it is less dense and rises.

    htmagichtmagic2 日 前
  • i wonder how deep this react-ception will go. im fully invested now

    PoohPooh2 日 前
  • Linus be rockin that HD600

    Stan StaniboyStan Staniboy2 日 前
  • 16:05 Linus pretends to mute and starts chirping.

    klystron2010klystron20102 日 前
  • 45:18 xQc looks, talks and reacts like a younger version of Doc. Brown from Back to the Future.

    Santiago SSantiago S2 日 前
  • The guy that wants a bigger mouse than a G502 should look at the larger ones from Zowie. They make good mice for fps and deliberately make the same mouse in different sizes

    __Dudewitagun ____Dudewitagun __2 日 前
  • Luke

    BuhraionBuhraion2 日 前
  • You should get Wendell on to talk about the Australia link tax

    Andrew LongAndrew Long2 日 前
  • “It rises again, that’s why we call it the resurrection reservoir” - Linus 2021 🤣

    InboundInbound2 日 前
  • Linus finally figured out how put more baked in ads in the wan show.

    Slave LabourSlave Labour2 日 前
  • I would buy a shirt with that diagram on it

    Matt MisnerMatt Misner2 日 前
  • 40:00 Can we take a moment to appreciate how the two founding members of LMG still cannot correctly manage audio levels and playback on their own stream? That xQc bit was too loud and chaotic--I'd be surprised if their watch count didn't tank around that point.

    Doc FerringerDoc Ferringer2 日 前
  • Jesus , man , get a haircut already, Linus. Are you afraid the barber will kill you?

    funky smokEEfunky smokEE2 日 前
  • will the ram on a gpu have its own processor in the future 2? and what is the benefit of it since ram basically stores the calculations the g/cpu made.......................

    timmy tokotimmy toko2 日 前
  • why does the twitch streamer look like the Pietro-recast from WandaVision lol

    StrangerStranger2 日 前
  • I'm younger than Linus but haven't heard of xQc before that stream he said he would do the reaction.

    raishadoraishado2 日 前
  • LMG folks, regarding Luke talking about Twitch streamers showing the ads, I'm not a streamer, but, for what its worth, I watch every sponsored product spot at least once. I might skip a spot for that same product in a subsequent video, but I always watch each one the first time. Your spots, and those of other techtubers, for Seasonic PSUs are one of the reasons I go Seasonic for PSUs *every* time. I also always watch the spots embedded in The WAN Show every time, but that's just because of how those are embedded in the live show, so maybe charge more for those? Having said that, I don't care for JPworlds's ads, especially after living in Georgia in the US during the last year with all the political ads, which is why I went JPworlds Premium, but I always pay attention to *your* sponsors at least once.

    JarrettJarrett2 日 前